“Depression can be treated and prevented” 1 October 2023.


Q. I’ve been struggling with depression for a while now. It feels like a constant weight on my shoulders, making even the simplest tasks seem daunting. I often find myself losing interest in things I used to enjoy, and my energy levels are perpetually low. It’s a battle to get out of bed each morning, and the world often feels colorless. I’ve withdrawn from friends and family, which only makes me feel lonelier. Negative thoughts keep swirling in my head, convincing me that I’m worthless and that things will never get better. Seeking help has been a challenge in itself. I’ve started therapy, and I do not feel any better. Please suggest.

Ans. I am glad you have started psycho-therapy and it is a slow process of uncovering your emotions and thoughts and making conscious efforts to put them in order. You have not mentioned your age and nor the cause of depression. Do you have support in terms of family and friends? Are you able to work and be productive? Does depression run in the family in some way? Please do not give up therapy and although it may seem to be a slow process, it will help you and make you feel better. Talk to your therapist and suggest taking medicines along with the psychotherapy. The process can be speeded up with medicines. Do not leave the therapy sessions however.


Q. I am 45-year-old divorced man, I’ve been struggling with depression and low self-esteem since the divorce. The breakup took a toll on my self-worth, leaving me feeling rejected. I find it hard to trust people, in relationships, as I fear getting hurt again. I’ve also been experiencing intense loneliness and isolation. The loss that came with the divorce has left a void in my life that’s hard to fill. I often ruminate on what went wrong and blame myself for the failure of the marriage, leading to a constant sense of guilt and regret. In addition to the emotional turmoil, the financial strain of divorce has been overwhelming. Managing the expenses of maintaining two households is affecting my overall well-being. Sometimes I feel suicidal.

Ans. I can understand that you are going through a rough patch in your life due to the divorce and its aftermath. Your emotional loss, loneliness, and isolation is understandable. However, why should you harbor a host of negative emotions is questionable. Emotions of, low self-esteem, self- worth, fear, lack of trust, feelings of rejection, self -blame, guilt, regret are truly avoidable and unnecessary. You should seek psychological help and sort out your mind and depression. Agreed that a bad marriage resulting in divorce can be painful and traumatic for some, but it surely be dealt with in a positive manner and you can get back to a state of calmness. Often, terminating the marriage can be the only solution to continuous conflict. Some work needs to be done on your inner states of being, your emotions, your thoughts, your beliefs and values along with the financial burden. Please put yourself together, seek help and get back into shape. All will be well soon.

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