“Do not allow emotions to hijack you”- 20 April 2014


Q. I had completed bachelor in fashion design with 55 % and currently working in a store in Empress Mall Nagpur as Visual Merchandiser. I have 1 year experience in this field. I know photo-shop, coral draw software. I have recently appeared in MBA CMAT exam an scored  68% marks. I’m not understanding which program should be appeared in MBA after completing bachelor in fashion design. What will give me stable and secured career? Kindly suggest me.

Ans. Any specialisation would be okay depending on your interests and your aims. You could opt for retail management or design management and big stores in metropolitans do need them. Another option would be marketing which is always a good choice for many big stores and manufacturing companies as they need them. Decide your positives and your talent areas along with your interests and your choice will become easy.


Q. I am in a problem that I and my niece are in love from the past 1 year. She loves me a lot and can’t live without me. Both of our family members knows about the relation, as I am studying now and am yet to complete it but will be completed soon. Her family blames her everyday and torches her a lot, and due to this reason they are searching groom for her and by the end of this year they somehow wants that she should get married and the she should be gone from their lives. What should I do? I love her a lot but the problem is that I don’t have a job. Please help.

Ans. When you allow your emotions to hijack you, you actually upset the family from both the sides. Some things are unacceptable according to social norms. You might want to question the norms but that will be a long battle and you both should be capable of taking the challenge. Most people fail to do so. The best choice would be to stop the whole thing, another would be to decide not to marry at all and tell that to your parents and the last would be to start treating her as a sister. Emotions can be controlled as humans have immense capacity over their minds. It is nonsense and actually childish to say that you cannot live without each other. Every person is alone in this world and has to come to terms with this reality. It may be difficult at your age but not impossible. So change your beliefs, your thoughts and your behaviour.


Q. I feel depressed. I wanted to do creative line and my parents forced me into science. They feel science has more prestige than arts. I am passing my exams but I feel upset and irritated all the time. My parents do not understand at all my feelings. I love music, dance and drawing. I take part in drama in school and whenever there is a chance. I do not want to hurt my parents, I love them a lot and they care for me. But why they are doing like this I don’t believe it. Please if someone could make them understand that it if good for my life to be happy.

Ans. We overrate some professions and underrate many or most of them. It also depends upon the market forces because of the prevailing rates of salary in many professions. But always remember that talent has no boundaries and no limits. Because each individual and creative ones will eventually get into private enterprise and entrepreneurship and then the business development is not limited. Maybe you could graduate first for their sake and then get into creative lines after that for your own sake. Some boys in Nagpur have done that too. It is a waste of time and effort but that is how life is at times. Since you are already studying in science and I don’t know how many years into it you have sailed so complete what you are doing. Another option would be to come for career guidance and bring them along.


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