“Dreams are a play of your mind”- 2 November 2014.


Q. I am an engineering student of 3rd year, my exams are just very near to me. They are gonna start on 7th of nov. And I haven’t done anything up till now (studies). I have loosened all of my concentration from studies because I wish to study but need that peaceful n quite surrounding. I can manage a bit with sound but however at home its terrible. someone or the other comes to disturb me else ask me to do some work n so then I get annoyed a lot..which even I dont like to get. I am really in fix similarly other side I am controlling myself to go towards meeting my best friend, towards arts and crafts, towards writing poems and articals. however to deal with family is very difficult. please suggest me for how can I built in up my concentration. is there any way I can move out of my house and go n study where.plz help!

Ans. There are libraries where you can go and study. First try your own college library and ask them for a table for you and request for a fixed time daily. Most good libraries will be happy to cooperate and do their best to make you comfortable. If not then there are public libraries where you could enquire about the arrangements. Another way is to request your family members for peace and quiet for a specific time for studies. Since you are doing engineering which requires hard work I am sure they will understand your need. Another alternative could be the place or home of a good friend who might allow you to share her room. However the main factor is to control and calm down your mind by positive thinking, prayer and meditation. Keep relaxed and positive and improve your study methods to utilise all the time you get at home.

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Q. I am 16 years old girl. My school friends who used to always be with me including boys and girls all of sudden after we left school all of them started ignoring ONLY ME after our last meeting together on 1st april 2014. Recently a get-togther was organized everyone was invited except me. even my boyfriend is ignoring me and says to everyone that he hates me and I was his life’s biggest mistake. everyone seems to be happy and enjoying their lives but ignoring me. even when we accidently meet they dont even say hello to me. I had not done anything that would hurt them so much and my family is also not conservative. now i am left with only my best friend. all this makes me feel that i am useless and boring. what should i do?

Ans.  You should come for a consultation for me to evaluate the exact nature of your problem. This is quite abnormal and generally does not happen unless you have done something to hurt all. Otherwise it could be your imagination that people are ignoring you. Please see me at the earliest.



Q. There are some unusual things happening with me. This started 3 years before. I get the dreams which come true and those all dreams are about only one girl. First i thought they were just coincidental, but later more and more dreams were coming true , as a result of which first she became my crush and now i am really in love with her. She has a new boyfriend a year before. I told her about this dreams . First she thought that i was lying but the she realise that i was true . But to save her relationship she hurted my feeling a lot. Even her boyfriend crossed his limit of insulting me. So i decided to throw her out of my life but failed because of this dreams . Today i feel very depressed and she is not ready to understand my situation. I talked to my brother about this dreams but he ignored me saying that i was in illusion. I made some research and found that i am not the only one to get such dreams.
ans. You need to undergo some sessions of counselling and psychotherapy to help you understand the reasons for such dreams. It is unusual as you say and we need to look into them in more detail. Logically speaking even if a girl comes in your dreams with a certain regularity she is not committed to you in any way. Therefore you do not have the right to harass her and force her to be with you. Just because you dream of her she is not yours and cannot be yours. It is natural for her and her boyfriend to be upset and feel stalked by you. Therefore they are trying to hurt you and insult you. This specific problem belongs to you alone and should be solved at that level.

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