“Work defines us”- 26 October 2014.


Q. I am a final year student of engineering. My college campus is about to come but I am very bad in technical sector and I am eligible student for company. I just need your help what should I do after engineering- should I do M.Tech or can go to banking sector or any other sector. I am very confused. Kindly suggest me best option.

Ans. If you are bad in the technical sector as you state then M.Tech is not a wise choice as it leads to further technical matters. Getting into a job would be a better idea whether it is banking or other sectors is a matter of choice. Many engineering who like the banking sector would find them-selves very happy there. Others may choose engineering industries itself. Make a proper choice after much thinking and weighing the pros and cons of different careers. Talk to an elder relative or parent or friend or alternately come and discuss it out with us. We would help you with the right choice.


Q. I am currently living in Jabalpur M.P. I am doing BBA in 1st year 1st semester. In previous year I had taken drop of a year due to confusion that what to next means after 12th. Actually now a day I feel that I have taken a wrong course. Before 2 years when I was in 12th standard.  My aim was to become a C.A. But this year I have given the 1st stage of CA that is CPT.  I have got 33 marks out of 200 which has given a big jerk on my mind. But I know the reason for that because I was not even prepared for that examination. I even don’t know why I am doing BBA which is a professional course. This all matters brings a lot of tension in mind. And the biggest thing is that as I think my parents won’t trust me. So please guide me to build a better future. And also tell me how I can get my trust of my parents.

Ans. This is what is called improper planning of career. Career guidance and decision making is a science and an art. It has to be done with utmost care and understanding of your future needs and happiness. Most times it is a difficult proposition for many students who do not think through their personality needs and their goals and make half hearted choices. It has a life-long impact as our work defines us in many ways. You should still come for career planning and guidance as that will relieve your tensions and your parents will also begin to trust you.


Q. My age is 21 year and I am in final year of B.E. Mechanical engineering. I belong to a middle class family. Now I am pursuing my education by means of education loan. I’m all time excellent student according to my parents and all but when I was in 1styear I had a crush with a girl. she is also brilliant in studies, we became friends, after that I don’t know how but I fall in love with her she was also suffering from same condition, finally one day I proposed her and she accepted it. After few months she starts to avoid me, she always want to breakup our relations but I don’t like breaking relationship, that’s why I try to keep it, but all in vain, she disclose every relationship, every moment of mine with her without telling me any reason. My studies went from 80% goes to 60 range. All were scolding me for it. Now after 3 years when I am somewhat stable, she again messing me and I am also giving her reply, I feel that she will accept me due to which I am again stands on the same path as that of 1st year and along with it. Please help me. I feel horrible.

Ans. They say ‘once bitten twice shy’. Once the girl has played with your emotions and now again she may do the same thing. It’s a gap of 3 years and you say that now that you are stable she again begins to trouble you. The probability of her dumping you again is high. Think about your-self and your welfare. Take care of your tender emotions and do not go far with her. Talk to her if you like but keep her at a great distance. Do not go beyond friendship in the strictest sense and maintain your dignity. Always remember that she has ditched you once and is likely to do it again. Concentrate on your studies and do well. You will find lots of good girls worthy of your friendship. First do well in life.


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