Drink exams ,Eat exams, and Sleep exams- 16th February 2020


“Drink exams, Eat exams and Sleep exams”!


Q. Everyone are going to have their final examinations in few weeks. This final exam season brings such a level of stress and pressure, that we get totally confused how and what to study as we have to go through the whole textbooks and it becomes very difficult to manage such stress. So how to deal with exams and its fears? Every student needs its solution.

Ans. Yes, its exam time and tension is in the air! You don’t mention what level of studies you are in- whether school or college? Of-course it does not matter for an exam is just that for all appearing. Students who are fairly disciplined with their studies on a regular basis are better equipped to appear for the final exam. Their stress levels are low as their preparedness is on a higher level. Students with high levels of stress suffer due to various reasons- one is irregular disciplined study, second is difficulty with specific subjects or chapters, third is a general level of anxiety that is high (anxiety proneness), fourth is a medical condition interfering with education and fifth is a unrealistic expectations from self and other members. For those who are doing last moment studies- firstly -relax your mind and think positive about exams. Second- organise your material to be studied subject wise and select the chapters to focus on (you might omit some chapters). Thirdly- make a time schedule for study and the subjects. Fourthly- switch off the mobile and TV completely till the exams. Also decrease chatting with friends and stop socialising completely -in short, become a hermit. Fifthly, once you have removed all distractions, focus and concentrate only on exams. You will succeed and have faith in yourself and your abilities. It is not easy to fail if you have studied all the year round.


Q. I am pursuing BSc degree (last year). My problem is that while I study or doing any work which need my attention it is difficult to hold myself in that work means I can’t grab my concentration by which I cannot do my work perfectly.

Ans. Please read the above answer and find solutions to your problem. You may be distracted in your personal life or you may be unhappy with the chosen subjects which may not be to your liking as well as your aptitude. Distractions can be managed in a better way and difficulty in subjects would need help from an expert or additional number of repetitions on the subject. Do not be afraid to work hard if you find a subject difficult and be stubborn in your approach to study. If you have personal distractions suspend all relationships till exams and be serious about your education and future. You are sure to succeed.


Q. I loved a boy and he too loved me. All of a sudden, he started ignoring my messages, comments (Instagram). He even deleted his pics which I liked very much. I fought and he blocked me. I went for no contact rule, blocked him, made new friends, changed my username even, to forget & heal myself. Now after 3months I am getting strange messages-wishing me birthday on the same date of his birthday, messages from unknown accounts but same as he used to do, even asking are you ok/upset/missing someone/someone may be sad etc. Did he want me to contact him back by all this, shall I contact him back?

Ans. Even if he wants to contact you back, my advice would be to keep him blocked forever. What is important in any relationship is the character of the person. If he has misbehaved so ruthlessly in the past due to which you have been angry and hurt with him, be sure that he is going to do it again. A habit or trait always manifests itself at some point of time in life. If you forgive him now and be-friend him again, he is going to get bolder and more confident of his power over you. He will then enjoy manipulating your emotions. Also always operate with an element of doubt with online friendships for many are there just for fun and love to play games with emotions for self-aggrandisement. It gives them a kick and a boost to their false egos’ or sagging egos. So forget it and get real with life. Don’t run after shadows.


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