Early assessment and intervention is important – 11 August 2019


“Early assessment and intervention is important”


Q. I need counselling for my son in 5 Std. He was a okay student in lower classes and did well in arithmetic and some subjects. He always showed disinterest in writing although his writing is good. He now does not show much interest in studies but likes to go to school to play and be with friends. He is active in sports and games and loves outdoor work. Tell him to study and he gets irritated. Can this be treated. Please advise.

Ans. Yes, such conditions in children are termed as ‘learning disorders’ and can be seen at any stage of life. If it has appeared in middle school the problem is of a moderate level and needs immediate attention. The protocol is to assess the child for his general intelligence and specific intelligence and then assess him on the learning functions and abilities. Once all his abilities are mapped we identify the areas for improvement as well as the good areas that are functioning well. Once assessed he can be helped with remedial education and motivation counselling for improvement. You must start this process early so that he does not lag further behind. It is good that he plays and is happy doing that for the overall development of personality is important. Allow him to play and be with friends and we will make him interested in studies gradually. Kindly take an appointment and bring the child. Such problems can be handled systematically and in the right way.


Q. I am an educated and intelligent man. I am at a senior position and doing very well at work. People praise for my work and my creative logical mind. My only problem is my anxiety which is eating my mind. I feel stressed out with my anxious feelings- I worry for any and every thing specially my family, children and travelling. I am strong and healthy otherwise. Please help me. If I can be helped with counselling I will come and seek your advice. Do I need medicines for I am against taking them.

Ans. Anxiety can strike anyone and you can be helped with counselling sessions and behaviour modification techniques. Medicines are helpful but not enough to cure them. You need to understand your thought process, your sources of stress that spark off the anxiety and the methods of handling them. If the levels intensify medicine will help and may be taken but not regularly as a habit. Intelligence and creativity has nothing to do with anxiety- they are not co-related. Many successful people have anxiety- it could be specific to situations or a generalised condition which is always underlying your condition. Counselling and psycho-therapy will show good results.


Q. I recently caught my girl chatting with a boy of senior class and came to know that this is going on since many months. She uses the whatsapp and mobile and FB to communicate. The boy is quite elder to her -it worries me. We have scolded her and warned her but it may not happen as she is very bold and angry person. What should we do and how to manage her?

Ans. It is a tough call to handle rebellion and boldness now-a-days. Children think of any limit and are willing to act on it. As parents you need to motivate her in right directions of education, career building and extra-curricula activities. They should be screened for their friends and you should know their activities. Now that you have found out and taken the first steps of curbing the friendship you should be more involved with her life regularly. Help her build good bonds with other girls by calling them over to your home. Get her involved in hobbies of her choice and spend more friendly time with her. Also set goals for educational achievement and put expectations on her to fulfil them. These could be some ways of diverting her from the elderly boy. She should have different ways of having fun and enjoying her time.


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