Emotions for 15 July 2012.


Q. I am having a boyfriend whom I have never met. We met on an online multiplayer game. We used to chat with each other and nowadays communicate each other through mails. I am in class 8 and he is in 12. I haven’t told anything about him to my parents but earlier once we were caught talking with each other. I told each and everything to my mom. At that time she was very angry and gave me a last chance but still I wasn’t able to control myself from talking with him. So once again I started mailing him. I love him a lot and I know that he also does. He has even planned our future that we will marry after I complete my studies. He is too cute and I love him a lot but still sometimes I think that am I doing the right thing? Please help me. I need your advice.

Ans. You are certainly not doing the right thing. On the internet we do not know the truth of people and they can pose to be anything. They can be very elderly persons posing as youngsters to lure innocent victims like you. Crime on net has increased many folds and young girls like you should not get into such habits. Please stop it immediately. Just vanish from the site. These sorts of activities are time pass hobbies since you do not have anything better to do. What should interest you are sports, studies and your own friends in the school or the locality. Stay connected with the reality of your life and you will be safe. Share things with your parents and take their help. Find something interesting to do in life. Find a creative goal for yourself besides your studies at school.


Q. I am a 15 years old girl. I was in relationship in Std 9. But my brother came to know this thing and he told me the ill-effects of it. I agreed to him. I behaved very sincerely in Std 10 and chosen very decent friends. I studied a lot with hard-work. But now I find my life very boring. When I see other girls having friends in boys I feel very nervous. I don’t want to talk to those girls. On the same hand I am not comfortable with my decent friends, who are not at all interested in boys. I am very depressed. Please tell me what should I do?

Ans. Read the above answer. That applies to you too. Boredom can be like a disease which makes you feel sick and tired. It can deprive you of happy feelings and rob you of enthusiasm. Find a good creative and active hobby to engage your mind in and you would never feel bored of life! You would need the crutches of friends and boyfriends at this age. This should be exciting age with lots of things to engage your mind. Friends are important but boyfriends are not important. Actually love is a time pass emotion only for the rich and the useless. Think about it.


Q. I am a 17 year old girl. I am a good looking girl and many friends tell me that I can be a good model. That is stuck in my mind as the only thing I want to become. I am beginning to feel confident about my personality and my public image and skills. I want to become a supermodel! But how to convince my parents and where to get the money from is the question. My parents will never agree for such a profession. I feel like I am bold and strong and then I feel suddenly very scared of it all. I do not feel interested in my studies and find it very boring. What to do Madam –please guide me.

Ans. This is a difficult line with no clear cut diplomas and degrees to pursue. There are no guarantee for jobs there and no easy way. It requires huge amounts of money and great connections in the industry. It requires family support for your safety and welfare. If your parents do not agree I do not see a way out of this dilemma. To find your way alone will be near to impossible. Try convincing your parents or else change your goals for the time being and take a good degree. Once on the job you could try your luck with the profession of modelling through your contacts on the job.

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