“Excellence is a good habit”- 9 April 2017.


Q. I have not given the 12th board exam quite good. I want to give CBSE improvement exam next year to improve my marks. How do I convince my parents to let me prepare for IIT JEE along with board exam during this 1 year period? I can focus on both exams.

Ans. Yes, you can take another attempt at the Boards and the entrance examinations of IIT. If you can give convincing reasons to your parents about why you did not do your best this year and how do you plan to study next year they might get convinced. Their conviction also depends upon your nature and habits of hard work and discipline. If they know that you are a good student and have missed doing well due to understandable reasons they will allow you to repeat the exam. If your reputation and image is shaky you would need more skills to get them to your side. Do try though.


Q. I am married for two years now (29 years). I am graduate in B.Sc. (Cbz) I have to do career in govt. sector but I don’t have PG and now I am so frustrated due to career worries and baby planning. If I think about family planning so how could I make my career.

Ans. Taking your age into consideration, it would be a good idea to plan your family first and side by side think of a career too. If not the government sector the private sector too is a big sector for job opportunities. You could opt for a PG in any other discipline other than science, such as, management and make a career. Think of other choices with an open mind and make a list of options you could consider. Break out of the box thinking and brain storm about your life situation. You will find a way out soon enough. It is important to think of your long term and short term goals in making right choices.


Q. I have a child who is 8 years old. For the last one and half years we have observed she falls sick before exams. She is under homeopathic treatment for increasing immunity. They say living up to our expectations and fear of failure is decreasing her immunity. Teach her to lose. She doesn’t accept losing and decrease the target she sets up for her. She is really good in studies, won medals in Olympiad and have also put her in sports to learn losing. What more is expected from us as parents to make her learn losing is OK?

Ans. Your child seems to be a high achiever and motivated too. That is a good thing. Excellence is a habit and needs to be maintained. However she may be facing a degree of anxiety that she is unable to handle. That needs to be addressed by way of teaching her how to control anxiety in examinations and keeping her cool. It is important for parents to jack up the levels of expectations and keep her motivated to do better and better. It is equally important to teach her that failure is okay and we need to learn from the failures and not repeat the mistakes next time. Teach her to control her anxiety levels and she will stop falling sick. Teach her simple meditation methods and relaxation exercises along with simple physical work-outs. If possible bring her once so that we may understand the finer details of her personality and its dynamics.


Q. I’m doing diploma after 10th. I love one boy. And I’m very much serious. First he also loves me but now he don’t because anyone tell him that this love and all is not true. But I think madam he love me true. His mother also know about me. But now he is not accepting me? What can I do now? I never forget him in anyhow. And I hope he accept me one day. Madam can he come back or not? What can I do I want to realize him that my love for you is true. Please reply me madam.


Ans. Put your heart and soul into your studies and do well. That will help you boost your self confidence, improve yourself image and give you a good future. You are too young to hang on to a broken love affair. It is unfortunate to have a bad experience at this age but it is advisable never to get serious about friendships at such a tender age. It is difficult to handle emotional disturbances and hence should be avoided. Make as many friends as you can (girls) and have fun with them. Enjoy your time by utilising it by engaging in sports and hobbies and get out of this ‘love sickness’. He has done you a favour by freeing you from bondage and that is what you need. This dependency is not a good state of mind. Be free, make a career, enjoy with girls and be healthy. Life is beautiful and does not end and begin with ‘love.’ There is much more to life. Have bigger and better goals and dreams to achieve. Be bold and brave and independent.

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