“Exercise the body and meditate the mind”- 18 september 2016.


Q. To be honest, I literally hate going to college. Attending college is a sheer waste of our precious time that I don’t think is worth it. I can boldly assert that college is totally non- productive. There is no sincerity and seriousness among students as most of the lectures is conducted loosely. Many students have actually admitted that they come to college just for the sake of attendance and not for anything else. And that’s the case with me too.  Most of which is taught in the subject lectures can be self- studied at home itself. I genuinely don’t derive any meaning out of attending college and my interest in college and its related activities is seriously declining day- by- day. Many people say that attending college is crucial for my future; to which I also agree somewhere or the other. But no reason is able to satisfy my lack of interest in it. Can’t I study from home and get a degree and if yes, will it the regarded the same importance as a degree from a recognized college? How will I convince my parents? Can you please help me with this problem? I am totally perplexed right now. Thanking you in advance.

Ans. I would agree with you that colleges with poor quality teaching standards may not offer much to students in terms of knowledge and intellectual stimulation. It is a pity with many schools and colleges today. On the other hand with students as you who are above average in intelligence and sincerity should have tried hard for the very best colleges in the country. Although I understand that the rigors of the admission process may leave out some percentage of genuinely good students but that seems to be the only way. If you want to enjoy the formal process of education you will have to seek admission in a good college even now. It may be worth it. Find out from the university if you can appear as a private student for the specific course of study that you are engaged in.


Q. I am a software professional based at Nagpur. I have an issue of concentrating at work, I get easily lost in different thoughts/visuals during work. So, I miss many important things due to this behaviour. I feel this is due to boredom. I am asthmatic and allergic and taking medical help from best practitioner as suggested by you 10 years ago when I visited you. How can I concentrate easily at work and get rid of withdrawal? Is this due to my breathing pattern controlled by anti – allergic medicines? Please advice.

Ans. Boredom is a different condition and withdrawal of medicines is a different issue. If you do not like the work then you may feel bored or if you have less friends on the job you may feel bored and this has to be handled by you in a positive manner. You could do something to enrich the work situation and make it likeable. The anti-allergic medicines may have mild side effects like sleepiness and a feeling of sluggishness. Asthmatics may also tend to be mildly depressed due to faulty breathing patterns as well as negative thoughts that creep in with any chronic disease. Disease handling is important and handling the boredom at work is equally important. I would suggest daily exercises and ‘pranayam’ and meditation which is very effective in such conditions. Also maintaining a cheerful mood will help you. Otherwise see me soon.


Q. I’m an 18 year old boy. I was addicted to bad habits. After months
of internal struggle, I’ve finally learned to control the lust. I’m not saying that I’ve done it 100%, but more than 80% is sure. I did a lot of searching on the internet and read some books to control my thoughts. I think that major part of sex addiction is not the action, but the thoughts and obsession, that I have learned to put down. But I’m not able to give my 100%. And moreover I feel much empty without that. I want to cut it down completely. I still haven’t stayed a week without it. I do let those things come to my head at night. Also I
don’t want to think of girls and do something productive, what is still uncontrollable. I want to have a complete control over my mind. What can I do as a next step?


Ans. You are doing well in controlling your thoughts and I am glad that you are succeeding in that. Keep the process going and start exercising and practising meditation. Also get involved in a hobby that excites you and involves your mind completely. A few sessions of counselling will help surely.

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