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Some Feedbacks received from clients

I read your columns regularly. I live in another town. It helps me solve mine and others problems too! It is very interesting. Please keep up the good noble work.

Submitted by Gita M

I have grown up reading Rita Ma’am’s columns and many mental issues get resolved reading them. She is doing a unique service to society. God bless her.

Submitted by Rajan S

“The moment I heard Rita ma’am speak to me, I could make out the difference between her and inexperienced counselors in Mumbai. Even the experienced one’s in Mumbai have not been so reassuring.”

Ms Niharika (The client’s name has been changed for privacy purpose)

“Ms Rita Aggarwal adequately judged my son’s suitability to accounts when she asked me to change the son’s academic stream from science (heading for Engineering) to commerce with an emphasis on Accounts. Today he is well on his way to become a Chartered Accountant”

Submitted by Sushma Shah, a mother

“I have experienced counselling sessions conducted by Ms Rita Aggarwal. I have found that her knack to get to the crux of the problem is amazing. More often than not she hits the target with her advice.

Her back ground of being a columnist in an English Daily (The Hitavada), a Rotarian and a Social activist adds to her Authenticity.

Her excellence as a student while attaining her Masters enhances people’s faith in her.

Her background of a social service person has been responsible for sacrifices she tends to make in her professional capacity.

Ms Rita Aggarwal is one fine counseller and is professionally as well as personally sincere to the core.”

Submitted by Nitant S


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