Fight corruption within- the bigger battle

Fighting ‘against’ corruption is always easier and rosier than fighting the tendencies within.

The enemy outside is an easy scapegoat for all- people love it and rejoice and revel in the ‘tamasha’ of seeing someone else being blamed. But the same people may not like introspecting and checking their own weaknesses within. ‘Do not pick up a stone to hit a sinner if you have sinned even once’ or vice versa, is a sound commandment. We all forget that blissfully.

The Psychologists community has already declared this ‘age’ as the ‘age for ethical crisis’. India’s peculiarity is that corruption has seeped into the entire fabric of society whereas in developed countries it exists only in the higher section. The common man can lead a peaceful and honest life. Another difference is as one of my friends defined it is that abroad you might pay a bribe to get something done illegally. In India even for your legitimate rights you will have to grease the palms of the machinery.

Take an example. If I retire from a Government department and I want my dues cleared I might have to pay a bribe to my own ex-colleagues!! That’s the height of it! It’s in fact a good lesson for the retired Govt. employee to know exactly how others feel about it or how it feels from the outside. The only problem is that the lesson comes when you have retired and no longer need it! Like a man finding a comb only after he loses all his hair and becomes bald!

So friends, introspect, think, be brutally honest with yourself, come clean, pledge yourself to the cause and then join the Gandhian Anna Hazare….

Wish you all a Happy Ram Navmi tomorrow.

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