“Focus on solutions” 5 February 2023.


Q. I have many problems to discuss. I am losing confidence in my intelligence and my memory is going down. I cannot recall events and names when I try to and forget important dates. My health is going down as I have lost weight in few weeks. My marriage is on the verge of breaking down as my wife is complaining all the time about my behaviour. I have started drinking a bit more than I used to earlier. I am not an alcoholic as I was only a social drinker. I have a business and I don’t feel like going to work. There is no body to help me. My father was helping me but now he is not keeping good health and he is suffering from some serious illness. I am the only child of my parents and my mother passed away a few years ago. I am lonely and messed up in my head and my life. My wife is not supportive. What should I do and can you help me?

Ans. I am sorry to hear of your problems and you seem to be stuck from all sides. We can help you with counselling and help you gain confidence and mental strength to handle your problems however complex they may be. Sometimes the problems may seem huge and very challenging to manage but if we keep the mind calm and peaceful, every problem has a solution. We can help you analyse the situations of your life and also of you as a person and assess the situation. Then we will find solutions one by one. Do not get dis-heartened and keep your morale and confidence high. Have faith in God and pray and meditate. Think of people who are good to you and connect with them. There will be some people ready to help you. Come for a few sessions of counselling as soon as possible.

Anshu, Nagpur.

Q. I am a student of 10 Std. and am confused about my career. I am not clear what subjects to choose and what to do. My parents have one opinion and friends have another. Is there a way to decide the best choice?

Ans. The best way is to undertake an Aptitude test to know your abilities and their strengths. It’s a two -hour test for which no preparation is required. Based on the results and the report we counsel you about the best choices suitable to you. We take into account your dreams, aspirations, likes and dislikes, hobbies, personality traits as well as parental expectations and resources available for various careers. We explore and discuss all the various aspects of career with you as well as parents. Then the decision becomes easier and more conclusive. It’s a scientific and systematic process which you will find amazing and satisfying.     

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