“Follow your dreams”- 2 August 2015.


Q. I am 20 year old guy. I am in love with a girl of my age. She is of IT branch and I am of mechanical branch. She already had a boyfriend she loves him but her boyfriend is doing time pass with her. She don’t know about my feeling but I love her so much what should I do ..? Please help me I can’t leave without her but at a same time I want to divert my mind from her and want to move on but I am unable to do this. I want to make her realise about my feeling and want to let her know that her bf is doing time pass with her I have a proof that her boyfriend is doing time pass please help me.

Ans. If you are friendly with her you could caution her about her boy friend’s intention. You could show her the proof’s too. But do not tell your feelings to her for she will then think you have a vested interest in exposing hi. Just like a good friend would do you could try exposing her BF. She is likely to get angry with you which you will have to handle sensitively. Who knows you might be lucky if she sways towards you. We cannot predict anything until we know the person well. Take a chance. But play safe.


Q. I am a 12 std student preparing for medical entrance. In recent time I am finding it really difficult to Study, my scheduled has become really hectic. Because of this even if I get time, instead of studying I keep worrying about how will I complete all my syllabus. I am good at studies and amongst first few toppers of my institute. I don’t know how to cope up with this hectic schedule, it’s frustrating me. I feel drowsy all time. And if I continue doing this I know I won’t be able to perform well. Somehow I manage to score 41/50 marks in all my test but the score isn’t improving. Please tell me what should I do to manage my time efficiently and get back to studies, I really want to improve upon myself I have got big dreams to accomplish. 
Ans. First of all, stop worrying and being negative in thoughts. Maintain a calmness of mind and keep focused on your studies. I am happy to know that you have big dreams. That is the best thing to do- have big dreams and pursue them with equanimity and hard work. Pray and meditate daily, keep your mind positive and focused. Do not indulge in any sort of bad habits and negative thoughts. Keep good company or none at all. Utilise every bit of your time to study or exercise in between. Keeping a strict schedule will help you. Otherwise come and see me once at least.


Q. I am in a dilemma what to do right now with my career. I believe you could help me out in better way. I have completed my graduation in BSc Biotechnology this year. I wasted my two years as I got backlogs and in this summer exam again I got backlogs. Actually I wanted to study English literature but due to peer pressure I had to take science field. Now after wasting almost three years I asked my parents if I could take English literature that is again graduation of three years, they are not agreeing to it. They are asking me to attend the winter exam n clear your backlogs and do MBA for next two years and get married and settled. But my vision is about something else. Even if I am doing MBA I want to get a job. I have no vision about wedding and all. Not even thinking of it. Please suggest me what I should do ? Should I go on with my dreams of taking literature or should go with my parents. I am actually done with this. I feel low n demotivated with this regular downfall in my career. As much my parents are worried about my future, I am more worried than them but as I am telling them they are not understanding me. I understand they are parents so their stand is also not wrong but then what I should do now! I am completely in dilemma, I am not able to focus on anything. Please help me out in this matter.
Ans. This is truly serious. You should pursue what you like best and plan your career the way you like. If you like literature then take literature. It is a wonderful career. Do what you think is good for you and give up this science and all immediately. Do not follow the dreams of your parents if they do not suit you. I am surprised that parents can be so dominating to allow you to fail and still insist that you continue. It is unfortunate indeed.


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