“De-addiction is a treatment process”- 9 August 2015.


Q. We have a great problem in our life. Actually the problem is about my
brother. My brother is not studying and he left his Engg studies midway (studied only first year). He is having all bad habits. He drinks a lot. Every day he will drink and will come home and shout on my mother. Whenever he drinks he will tell to my mother that he want to die because my mother did nothing for me and thinks my mother as his enemy. He got one thing deeply rooted in his mind that my mother loves me the most and doesn’t care about my brother. When he left his studies my mother told him that if Engg is hard then you can take any other degree course and he never listened to my mother. Now daily he is drinking and shouting on my mother. Madam, I request you to provide me with the solution as of what we have to do with my
brother so that he will become a good person and study well. Please provide me with the solution as soon as possible as he is in great danger we are not getting any solution as of what should be done with him.

Ans. This is a sad situation. Your brother has become an addict of alcohol and needs treatment. He will need to be de-addicted and simultaneously counselled for his psychological problems. The de-addiction process is a medical process of detoxifying the body of alcohol that has become a habit and then the counselling process takes care of his mind related problems of keeping him away from alcohol, strengthening his mental resolve to stay clean, setting goals of career building, building his self esteem and developing positive emotions and many more areas that are taken care of. You could do this through a private hospital or through a de-addiction centre. If you persist with his treatment he will be fins one day.

S.S, Shahdol, M.P

Q.I have completed my 12th standard in 2013 and took 2 years drop from Kota and prepared for MBBS entrance and now recently I have given AIPMT and waiting for the results.  I want to know other fields related to biology. Please tell me about the scope in Biotechnology and Physiotherapy. Please kindly …inform me as soon as possibl

Ans. You can do research in biotechnology or work in pharmaceutical industries. There is good scope in Biotechnology. Physiotherapy is a wonderful programme where you either work with an orthopaedic doctor or you can open your own physiotherapy centre. Other fields related to biology are Biomedical engineering, bio-engineering, botany, zoology, genetics, Micro biology etc.


Q.I am a 20 year old guy. I am in love with a girl of my age. Both of us are studying in different branches of engineering. She already has a boyfriend she loves him but I am not sure of his intentions. She doesn’t know about my feelings. I can’t live without her but at a same time I want to divert my mind from her and want to move on but I am unable to this. I want to make her realise about my feelings and want to let her know that I am sincere towards her. Please help me.
Ans. You are serious about her and feel strongly about her. You also know that her friend is not serious about her and want to convey that to her. This is a tricky issue because she may not like to hear bad things about him. The option of diverting your mind away from her is a better idea since she is already involved with another guy and may not like you interfering between the two. If they break off some day you have a good chance. Otherwise it is up to her to take her life which way she wants to. She will learn from her own experience.


Q. I did my graduation in engineering. Now I am preparing for civil services exam. I really don’t know about my passion. Sometime I would like to go to Himalaya as a tourist. I want to explore the world but I can’t because my parents never allow. They are searching for a boy for me for marriage. What should I do? Please suggest me.
Ans. You should prepare for the civil services seriously and qualify. You will get your sense of freedom when your work. Your desire to travel as a tourist can be fulfilled once you earn and have your independence. Marriage may offer you the freedom to travel if he shares the same dreams or hobbies to travel. You can ask him that! But do appear for civil services exam to live your dream.


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