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N.K, Nagpur

Q. I’m right now in 12std and preparing for IIT entrance. I got 80% in 10std and all of my people thought it was below their expectations. Still however they admitted me in a coaching centre for engineering. Whereas my interests lie elsewhere. I love reading novels and writing my own stories as well and want to pursue a career in the same. My parents think that hobbies don’t become a career option. But I’m really in the mix now about this. I spend more time in reading novels than books. Please guide me as I want to show that a person can thrive with his passion.

Ans. I can appreciate your dilemma about enjoying reading books and writing stories and wanting to make a career in the same area. Your parents are interested in pushing you into a course of engineering and hence admitted you to IIT coaching. Since becoming an author and a successful one at that is a high- risk career option, most parents feel anxious about making it a career choice right away. There are many ways of going about it. One way is to get into English language and literature right away in graduation and learning creative writing simultaneously. Another way is to take a roundabout way by choosing a lower risk career such as engineering or any other which will fetch you a good decent job and will also allow you to pursue your hobbies of writing and reading. You could start publishing your works in newspapers and magazines to assess how effective they are with the public. If the demand grows and there is an acceptance of your writings you could always make a career switch from whatever you are doing to becoming an author. This is a two-step process but a safer one with low risk. You also have the option of choosing journalism and mass media for graduation and then getting into full-time writing. Serious hobbies need to be pursued for their own pleasure as well and if possible, converted into full time career. You would need to discuss this dilemma with your parents very seriously and in all earnestness. If you need help of a counsellor we are always there to help you and your parents reach a reasonable and happy solution.

MS. Chandrapur.

Q. I am is student all 10 standard. I do not like many subjects of my class. I like to paint, dance and sing. I do not like theory subjects specially science and mathematics. My parents have high hopes from me to make a good career for myself and become a bold and confident working person. I would also like to make a career for myself but I am totally confused about my future. Studies scare me and makes me stressed. I worry for myself and my parents for I love them dearly and they are very good to me. I have a good personality and I am a friendly type of person with many good friends. I like to socialize and manage events such as parties and gatherings. I could become an event manager or something like that. I can’t think of any suitable career for myself. I am a popular girl at school and people generally like me. Please suggest what should I do and how should I go about planning my career after school is over. Is there some method of deciding what career to choose? Thank you.

Ans. One of the best ways to go about planning your career is to appear for an aptitude test along with a session on guidance and planning with a psychologist. Do not worry for there are ways and means of assessing a student’s ability in different areas as well as making an assessment of their likes and dislikes, skill sets, interest areas and their strength of their personality. If you are and extroverted personality and like to socialize and make friends and also enjoy events and managing them, event management can certainly be a choice for career making. But never-the-less you will have to graduate with some subject, which could either be arts and humanities or Commerce or science. Either way, get in touch with us and we can help you plan your career in a wonderful way by evaluating you through the aptitude test and then counseling you and guiding you for choosing the best career possible. This scientific method has never failed so far.


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