3 Jan. 2021 “Choose judiciously”


KVB, Nagpur.

Q. I have passed my 12 std and my entrance exams also successfully. I have developed Interest in physics and maths …that’s why I have opted for engineering. But I m a bit confused about which branch to take …I think I should take mechanical engineering. ..as I am not having interest in computer science. ..but also I have slight interest in Artificial Intelligence…please help me ma’am what to do? Could you guide me?

Ans. if you are good in mathematics and physics the branch of mechanical engineering is a good choice to make. Even Industrial engineering might appeal to you. Artificial intelligence has two sides to it -the software side which is more suitable for students of computer Sciences and the machine side which you do after graduation. Hence your choice of mechanical engineering is a good one. You could also opt for pure Sciences in physics or in mathematics if you so like which is more theoretical than applied.

SNM, Gadchiroli.

Q. I like to tell u that I am working as Sr.clerk at Gadchiroli since 2003. I married as per Hindu tradition in 2010 and I have a male child.  When I was working at Etapalli Tahsil my wife become suspicious that I was having an affair with another women but it was not the fact, as I was working from 9 am to 9 pm.  She was behaving at rented home of Etapalli on the direction of her mother and elder sister, So she filed a court case for maintenance under the provision of Domestic Violence Act 2005 during Nov.2019. So, I become very depressed and was absent from my duty without any intimation to the office since Dec 2020.  And my salary account become NPA so I am not able to give any maintenance in spite of the Interim court order issued in Nov.2020 and I am living alone at my ancestral home at Gadchiroli. I am not maintaining myself properly because nobody cares whether I live or die, thinking about suicide sometimes, do not sleep whole night but after taking some alcoholic drink /dinner I can sleep properly.  I am not interested in anything except watching TV for 15 to 20 hrs and reading some newspaper/books. So please guide me what should I have to do to become normally working/ and living alone person.

Ans. You seem do have become a victim of domestic violence act as your wife suspected you with infidelity which according to you was a false case. You lost your job for this reason and is unable to pay the maintenance to your wife. This is an unfortunate condition in which you have landed your-self into. Instead of brooding and feeling depressed you must think of your own life and that of your son and his future life. You could think of using your talent and your skills in some office. I am sure many officers require clerical staff for various jobs And you could freelance in a few officers depending upon how much work is there. I am sure in your hometown someone will be kind enough to give you work to do to support yourself and your life. Do not sit idle but go out into the town and meet people every day. Beg for work if you have to, try to make yourself useful to others. Everyone needs help and you should know what skills you have on the clerical side which you can sell to others. Because you have lost your job it does not mean you should sit at home and feel depressed. If you throw yourself into the river you will learn how to swim. Firstly, get out of your home and start looking for work on a daily basis. That is your only priority. You will regain your confidence and your peace of mind. Also meditate daily and pray to God if you are a believer.

SD, Nagpur.

Q. I just completed my b.com this November and now I have to decide what to do next. I am really confused. Should I do m.com or cost and management ac or company secretary? Where is more scope and job opportunities? Can you help me? Waiting for your reply.

Ans. As a career choice you can opt for both the choices mentioned by you. M.Com has many good subjects and is a good degree. Specialising as a Company Secretary is also a good option. Industries and offices do employ both categories of people. In terms of status a company secretary may have a more important role to play. Another option is to do an MBA with finance or cost management which is valued in companies. Have a look at the syllabus of the above subjects and make a choice. You have a good future ahead in this field.


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