“Get out of a bad relationship”- 30 August 2015.


Q. I am doing B.SC now and at final year and I had one backlog at final. My parents admitted me in this course forcefully. I did not want to do it as I was interested in fashion designing but they refuse to do that and they are still not agreeing I am still interested in Fashion designing that’s why I can’t concentrate on my studies. I have explained him many times but they are not listening to me. I am in big pressure. Please help me to get out of this as I can’t give up fashion designing.

Ans. Since you have reached final year somehow and have spent at least two years doing that course it would be wise to complete the course and get your graduation. After that you have the option of going for either a certificate course of a year in fashion designing or an advanced programme in fashion design. At least you will not have to worry about your graduation and you will have more choice and flexibility. Many people make changes in their career even after studying totally different courses. That happens due to improper planning and prejudices against certain careers which have a low status. This is actually unfortunate, for you could have chosen fashion designing at the beginning and been happy. But now it is better to qualify and then opt out for a different course on your own.


Q. I did my graduation in engineering. Now I am preparing for civil service exam. I really don’t know about my passion. Sometime I like to go on Himalaya as tourists. I want to explore the world but I can’t because my parents will never allow. They are searching a boy for me. What should I do? Please suggest me.
Ans. It is nice to know that you have already graduated in engineering which is no mean task. You could have taken up a job that involved some bit of travelling and that would have made you happy. Civil service is a very good option especially if you aim for the foreign services and if you work hard for it you might get it. That involves not only travelling but living abroad in different countries during assignments. As far as being a tourist for visiting the Himalayas it can always be done now or later. You could enrol in an adventure camp with an agency dealing with this type of activities and go for a short trip. That would be fun actually and I am sure your parents will allow short term /few days adventure trips with a group under supervision of an agency. If you do not know your passion now it is fine for the moment but with time and experience and some trial and error you will realise where your passion lies. It is a matter of time.


Q. I had a boyfriend two years ago but after sometime I came to know he is having one more girlfriend in his life so I broke up with him. After break up he said that he wants to be with me as a friend. He is still with that girl and she doesn’t know about our friendship. He flirts with me, tries to come closer to me whenever we meet and I don’t like that. I’m really confused now what should I do. Should I cut off our friendship? Please help me ma’am.

Ans. There are no two answers to your query. Of course you should cut off with him immediately. It is unfortunate that you happened to meet such a person. He has no sense of commitment and stability. If he is doing it right now before marriage then what will happen after you are married. If the relationship has no long term commitment what is the use of keeping it. If you are happy passing some good time with him then it is a different story otherwise get out before you get affected badly emotionally. Just do not reply to his calls or do not go out with him if he troubles you too much with his requests. Putting a stop to it will be better. Such people do never improve or change their ways. It just goes on as a habit.


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