“Handling exam stress” 5 March 2023

 A Student.

Q. I am very nervous and feel scared of my exams. My first paper did not go well and I was thinking it will go good. I have been studying hard and I want to do well. The paper was a bit tough and I got nervous. This is my final exam and I am worried to tell my parents. I don’t feel like eating and don’t feel like studying too. What to do? Can you help me with my problem please?

Ans. Firstly, cool down your nerves and relax your mind. Get up and exercise and meditate as well. What is done cannot be undone. If the first paper has not gone as well as you wanted it too, it doesn’t mean the others will not go well too. You may study in a better way for the other subjects. May be this paper was tough and therefore you messed up a bit but the others may be easier than you expect. Do not allow your emotions and negative thoughts to extend to the rest of the examination. Control your fears and anxieties and cool your mind. A calm and composed mind works well and an agitated mind impacts, concentration, retention, memory, attention span and motivation. Your mood will upset your studies. If you are a studious person with seriousness of purpose, you should have faith in your abilities and performance. Do not think of the past and focus on the present. Think positive. Remain calm. Study well. Focus. Exercise. All will be well.    


Q. My daughter does not want to go to school. Every morning she cries and complains of stomach ache or headaches or just gets angry and starts shouting. I think she is afraid of her exams as she is a bit slow in writing and she has not done well in her one exam. I have explained everything to her but she does not listen to me. I am feeling stressed out with her behaviour. I lose my temper and shout too. Please help. Shall I bring her for counselling?

Ans. If a child has been identified earlier with slowness in the speed of writing, then she should be given some extra time to complete her paper. This is the responsibility of the school and the school counsellor to identify, diagnose, inform the parents, put the child up for remedial education and give concessions. The entire system is laid out by the Central and State Boards of Education. The schools need to implement the policy. It is unfortunate for the child and the parents who suffer. Please treat your child with kindness and understanding and please bring her for a consultation. We will try to chalk out a short-term and long-term plan of action.   

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