Happy New Year 2010 & Welcome to my blog!

Hi Friends!

Welcome to my site. It’s a happy moment for me to launch my website “MANODAYA-Centre for Psychological Enhancement”. Psychology has not been just my profession, but my passion as well. Delving into human mind, to know its negative and positive dimensions, is not just a matter of exploration for me but a religion of self discovery. For, as I help people in knowing themselves, I realise that I am getting to know myself better. I realise, too, that I see my own reflection in them. The mind may be embedded in different bodies, circumscribed by the details of each individual- it nevertheless is a huge extension of one and all. How amazing it is to realise the commonness of human mind despite such a vast and varied array of situations.

Despite this each mind is unique, aided and abetted by individual experiences, emotions and degree of enthusiasm that each person feels. This amazing process of understanding human mind has made a different person out of me. I am changing, and changing for the better. For, with each encounter, I become more sober, deeper, and more understanding. As a student I was taught that in the science of  mind there is nothing right and nothing wrong, everything is a reality- the good the bad and the indifferent. I may not hold the same opinion now after years of experience, but I have not been able to discount that theory altogether as well. The complexity of human mind has made me more mature and more willing to accept whatever diversity and variety I come across.

‘Manodaya’ believes in the curative aspect of mental illness as well as the constructive aspect of building of a healthy mind. It believes in the power of the positive, the power of the sublime, and the power of the self. Therefore ‘Manodya’ focuses on Personality Development Programmes (PDP) which is distinctly different from physical grooming. The ‘Manodaya’ programme of Personality development encompasses people of all ages-children, youth, adults, elderly people, working people, housewives etc. Its focus is on discovery of the multi-dimensional self to help build a strong mind to face life’s challenges.

This is how I launch my blog ‘Looking Glass’ as an integral part of my website. I will wait for your responses and look forward to a happy blogging experience. The year 2009 is folding out and I wish all my friends a very Happy Joyous and Peaceful New Year of 2010!


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