“Irrational thinking leads to disaster”.- 15 February 2015.


Q. I am 12 passed dropper preparing for jee mains and advanced. i have joined DLP for preperation. I always commit silly mistakes, it has become my disease. During the tests my mind goes out of control. nowdays similar thoughts are coming to my mind and similar things are happening with me which which used to occur an year before. my subjects( PCM ), which were once excitement to me, now have become fear of mine. i’m afraid what if the same result comes this tear which came last year( last year’s reult was not sucessful )? i’m very afraid. i want to get iit at any cost this year otherwise a disaster will came upon me and my parents. please suggest me how can i overcome fear of exam and silly mistakes.?

Ans. You have already dropped one year and again find it difficult to study well for the exams. It could be possible that you have set a very high standard for yourself which is beyond your capacity and attitude levels. IIT is not everyone’s cup of tea and therefore to aim for it without knowing your strengths and weaknesses is foolishness. IIT is not the end of the world and should not be too. This is irrational thinking which leads to disaster in fact. There are second tier colleges which are good enough such as the regional colleges and then the third tier colleges which are also good if you have decided to do engineering. Lower your goal, assure yourself of being successful and go ahead.


Q. Currently I’m pursuing BSc HSc 1st year I was interested in psychology from the beginning but was not aware how to pursue it except doing BA so I took BSc HSc as I was told while admissions that after doing this course I can pursue psychology as masters degree. Can u please guide me how to pursue psychology at this point n what are the job aspects after doing bachelor’s in psychology.

Ans. You have been misguided. After your graduation from the above course you cannot seek admission in masters in psychology. In Nagpur city only there is a course called B.A Additional in Psychology where you could complete your three year course in six months, appear for exams and get a degree which makes you eligible for masters in Psychology. Direct admission would be difficult.


Q. I am in first year engineering in a reputed college of our city. I  scored less in 12th boards and JEE entrance so i had to take admission through management. But i deeply regret dat i could not get admission coz of my bad score..So i was being given mechanical branch but i am not too much into machines and all so i consulted some people n seniors and at the last moment and on deir advice told my father dat i will take I.T. which did not go down well with him at first but later on it settled down..Now i know better about my branch-Its all about programming and programming..I had C-Programming subject in 1st sem which is d base of I.T. Which i completely did not understand and its a hell lot of uninteresting. So d problem is dat nw i think i have made a big mistake taking I.T. And to change d branch u must have very very good pointer..(which in my case is’nt).. Now only one who can help me is dad..But now i don’t know how shall i approach him and say such a big issue having said dat i already changed branch once at d last moment during admission..Now again asking him to change branch is difficult.


Ans. Now you are actually in a soup. But you will have to tell your father about it and be prepared to face his wrath. That is the only option. Suffering like this will lead to stress and eventual failure in exams. Rather than waiting in fear to tell him let him know now itself. If he can help you he will do so after some agitation. This is a clearly wrong way to seek admission in a course as tough as engineering without knowing your strengths and weaknesses and without evaluating yourself properly. You could be helped with an aptitude test and systematic planning of career before you commit another blunder. Your father may agree for that.

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