“Comparison is a negative practice”- 8 February 2015.


Q. I am a final year engineering student. I’m really confused how to react to this situation. The thing is I’m soon going to complete Engineering with a good GPA. Through all these years I realised that when I put efforts in one direction I’m able to do things well. But if divided, I cannot focus well on either. So I have plans to give MBA/PGDM related entrances this year (end of 2015) itself after my Engineering is completed (by mid-2015). My parents support this thought and they want me to see me in a better position, earning well. However, my friends, students around me with lesser GPAs have got companies but I have not been placed in any of the companies because I have the above mentioned plans and I didn’t take Engg placements critically. I feel sad for myself; get negative thoughts; cry and sleep when I think about the placements of friends happening around me. I don’t understand what is wrong with me or what should I do?

Ans. Comparison is a negative practice and you should be confident about your personal plans of doing post graduate studies. You cannot focus on two things at the same time. So stick to your decision about doing what you had planned to do earlier and do not bother about others. Each one thinks for himself and rightly so. There is no reason to lose confidence about yourself and your decisions –just go ahead and do it.


Q. I’m a 2nd year engineering student. I belong to CSE branch, I dont have interest in it and due to some mistakes I belong to this branch. Initially I was aiming for Civil branch but couldn’t get it inspite of scoring good. Now I’m thinking of quiting this & once again apply for some other college for branch which I wanted. Is this a good idea or bad idea because in this way I would be wasting my two years and also my father’s money? But I dont have any interest in this only for sake of marks I’m studying and passing exams and I’m having  lot of interest for other branch and passionate too. Please guide me. I am very confused. I cant let go of my dreams and ambitions. I am going through a very tough time.

Ans. There is no harm in switching your branch if you feel your interest lies there. This is too much suffering for you to study a subject you do not like. But two years is also a long time to re-start your studies. Is it possible that you complete this course and work as a civil engineer later in life? We know during campus selection lot many students from all branches get selected by software companies as they then train them accordingly. Similarly you could make a switch later after graduation in your current field. Think about the pros and cons and then make a decision as it suits you. It’s your life anyway.


Q. Ma’am, I am studying in class 12th and my exams are just a month apart. Mam I have done very well and even scored well in class 10th. But I always develop stress in couple of months before examinations. I keep procrastinating studies for no reason. Concentration has become a grave problem for me , anything and everything distracts me. I feel like I am going to lose . I have always been quite sincere and studious. I could study 15 hrs a day 1yr back but now I am not able to concentrate even for an hour. Mam I dont want to take a drop. I just need to concentrate. I don’t say that I haven’t studies definitely I have but now I feel like I have forgotten everything. I need a brief revision of few subjects and I can manage to complete it but only when I will focus. Every morning I decide to concentrate like I used to do in 10th but everyday I end up doing very little work. I am feeling very stressed and I think that’s the reason that I feel sleepy throughout the day. Mam please guide me.


Ans. There has to be some reason(s) for stress. Find that out by analysing your mind and remove those factors that are causing stress. The next best thing to do is to meditate and pray. Sit in a relaxed posture daily for a few minutes, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Slow down your rate of breathing and repeat the word ‘relax’ in your mind. That will calm your mind and then think positive thoughts that you can do it and think of your good qualities only. Do not allow any negative thought to enter your mind. Also remove all other distractions from your mind and do a single minded focus on studies. A session of counselling will help.

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