Job satisfaction is important for happiness – 05 Sep 2010

Q. I have lots of problems here. First my family especially my mother is very unsupportive. I am in a big jeopardy. I have opted for a job in desperation now which is good but not of my interest. I am confused regarding my career decision. I have lot of dreams. I want to do something which I love. My family is ontent with me earning and have no interest in what I want to do. I can’t complain. I feel like running away. I feel suffocated here. I remember the college days which were better. Now I am stuck what should I do to know what my career aim in life is? Will career counselling help?

Ans. Yes, you should come for career counselling as job satisfaction is a very important aspect for happiness in life. Frustration on the job can lead to stress and its consequences. In bad times it is good to get a job, whatever it may be, but if you are in a position to choose the job to your liking then you should do so. If the choices are few and this job is a good one under the circumstances then you could tolerate it for some time and later make a switch to the one you like. But that would be possible only if you know what you want and like doing. Career counselling helps you know your choices and make a
plan for them.

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Q. I am a 21 years guy, I like a girl and love her very much and she also loves me but she had a boyfriend and make a physical relation with him but she told me that it was my mistake so what should I do. Am I accept her or not. I love her very much. Please suggest me.

Ans. The past is best forgotten and done with. Her past relations is not your business really and if she is good to you and for you then you should accept her. Moreover, if you love each other where is the hitch? Do not allow ancient values to disturb your mind and your choices.


Q. I am an Engineering graduate of Electronics branch. I completed my degree in 2008 and joined as a Maintenance Engineer in Oil Field Instrumentation (India) Ltd. (An ONGC Service Company). I was posted on Oil exploration rigs in Mumbai offshore on 1 month on- off basis. But due to family responsibility as I am the only son to my mother and monotonous job, I left the job in 2009 and after few months I got job In Medical diagnostic company as a sales and service engineer for medical diagnostic instruments. But this company was new and small and due to high pressure of sales target of such expensive instruments with less salary, I could not continue that job. Now I have again got call from previous company of Oil field with reasonable package but now I am confused that should I join that company again or not. Moreover they want to sign bond with me of 2 years. Also I am not getting good offers from elsewhere so I am not sure what to do and getting in to depression. Please guide me in taking decision of my career. I am waiting for your reply.

Ans. What stops you for rejoining the same company? That is an important question to explore. If it is only a hypothetical question in your mind then of  ourse you can join the same company again. There is no rule that says that you cannot do so. How you will manage your family responsibility is something you should be clear about before you rejoin. Because that was the reason for your quitting the job earlier.

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