Keep hopeful and optimistic – 12th July 2020


“Keep hopeful and optimistic”

Q. I am stuck away from my home and now my anxiety levels have gone up and I don’t get sleep. I lie awake till 3 am and keep worrying about my parents at home. I am the only son and they are missing me and I am worried about them. They are keeping well but not happy. They keep phoning me daily and talking to me. I am a student of higher studies and have not come home for more than a year. Please guide me. If you do tele-counselling I will contact you. Please help me.

Ans. This is an unfortunate condition for lacs of people stuck out of home and out of country across the globe. This is a very hard time for families and dear ones when all travels have been curtailed and limited. You might do video calls to connect with them and tell them that you are safe and healthy and they should also take care of their health. Being safe physically is the priority right now and the psychological aspects of the mind can be taken care of in a simple manner by positive thinking and ‘hope’. Being hopeful and optimistic of the future will take you forward in your journey. The second aspect is to adapt to the changing times and adjusting your mind and your time for newer opportunities. Yes, you can call me on 9823073986 for tele-counselling or check my website for details for registering online.


Q. I am a qualified engineer and am looking for a job. I had applied to many companies and for that I need to travel which my parents are not allowing me. I want to start earning and making a career for myself. What should I do? Please suggest something.

Ans. I understand that companies that are hiring can conduct interviews online too through web apps. About earning your livelihood, you could explore opportunities for engaging yourself with start-up companies and learning from them about being an entrepreneur. Have a short-term occupation or goal with an eye for a long-term goal. If a job is your long-term goal, think of enterprise as a short-term goal. If all this does not appeal, then engage yourself in a online course to update your knowledge or learn a new skill related to your domain. This is the time for self-development and attainment of knowledge and further studies.


Q. I cannot concentrate on studies and miss my friends a lot. I miss the friendship and the laughter. I miss my girl friend and she is out of town in her home-town. We used to meet in college and now we are separated. What to do?

Ans. “This too will pass” is the dictum all should follow. There is no point in suffering due to bad thoughts and bad feelings. When the situation is not in our control it is best to make the best possible use of time. Beside the fact that friends and girl-friends both are important for life and well-being, it is not an imperative for living in times of pandemic. There are ways to occupy and engage yourself in positive ways. Get involved in social work and help the victims of COVID and the people who are stranded and need help in variety of ways. You can build contacts locally and engage creatively in good and meaningful work. Look at the positive side of what you have and be grateful. Count your blessings and express and extend this gratitude to the less fortunate.


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