“Learning difficulties need remedial education intervention”- 5 February 2012

R. S, Raipur

Q. My son is 10 years old and is studying in class 5. I am worried about my child as he is not doing his studies properly. He is weak in spelling, reading and writing as well. He loves to play and is happy with his friends. I have to force him to study and I feel that I should put him in a boarding school. He is the only child at our home and his grandparents pamper him a lot. Should I send him to a boarding school? Everyone is against this decision but I feel he will not study at home and will go bad to worse in school.

Ans. A boarding school is not a good idea for your son. If he has problems in learning, such as reading, writing and spellings then he may get worse in boarding school, until and unless the school has a properly functioning counselling cell with a psychologist a special educator. A child with learning difficulties needs special attention and remedial education besides a good school teaching program. The family needs to understand the problem first and then think of measures to handle the child. Consult a local psychologist, if any, or take an appointment with me (via my website) for telephone consultation. The child will need remedial classes for a few months and then he would be fine with his studies. Do not worry, there are remedies for it.


Q. I am in a relation from 6 months. She is a good girl but due to her previous experiences she gets aggressive soon and due to some misunderstandings she thinks I did cheat her. She is ignoring me and says she don’t want to be in relation anymore. I love her very much and I don’t want to lose her at any cost. Please help me.

Ans. You will not lose her if you keep your head cool and stay calm. She is upset with you now and may take some time to understand that you were not at fault. Send her a note of explanation and tell her your feelings for her. Also tell her that you will wait for her till she realises the truth. Pray to God that she will be well soon enough and save you the heartache. Then wait for the right time to come. All will be well.

Sarika. K
Q. I want to know if PGDM course is a fine thing to do? Or one should opt
for MBA courses only? Can you tell me whether an ‘earn while you learn’ course regarding PGDM would be a good career option or it has to be full time alone for the long run? Please tell me about some good ‘learn while you earn’
colleges. I have searched the net numerous times and have found the WLC colleges providing such courses but I am confused and will my ‘earn & learn’ PGDM put me to an equivalent platform like an MBA. I hope I am not doing a career blunder by choosing a ‘learn while you earn’ college to pursue my PG. Please do reply.
Ans. There are many given options for people who want to study and the choices are made in such a way that it suits people’s different needs and abilities. If you have the talent, time, money and energy then you should opt for the best program which is an MBA. If you don’t have either one of the above mentioned abilities/ resources then you should opt for the second best which is a PG diploma. And so on and so forth. Choices are made according to your resources available and your talents and abilities. There are courses to suit each one’s need. If you cannot make the best choice for your life then come for career counselling and sort out the matter and make a wise choice.

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