“Concentrate on your future goals”- 29 January 2012

I.K, Akot, Akola

Q. I am studying in B.Sc final year. My subjects are computer science and electronic and statistics. I have cleared my B.Sc II year last month and my final exam date is declared for 19/march/2012. But I have low confidence due to failure last year in subject of statistics. I am doing daily up-down from Akot to Akola(45 km). Please any suggestion for me what I do for final year study.

Ans. Firstly, check your low mood and lift it. In spite of the failure in the last exam you should cheer up your mood and look forward to better results this time. If statistics is your weak point then you could seek some coaching for it or practice more in that subject. Your daily travelling time could be also put to good use by revising in your mind the lessons. You could carry your book and look it up in between or carry a piece of paper with the notes to refer to. Many people in large cities capably use their travelling time. Instead of just worrying and dreaming you could use the time productively for mental revisions. You will do well this time. Stop worrying and brooding.


Q. I am a 17 year old girl. I love a guy in my class and was in a relationship with him last year. Things were going wonderful but suddenly he broke up with me due to some minor arguments. We are still friends but there is kind of bitterness between us due to his belief that everything was my fault and my disturbance over the same. In-spite of everything I still love him very much but he is reluctant to forgive me and doesn’t want to be with me in spite of my apologies and efforts to get back with him. He neither avoids me completely nor is he completely friendly, no matter how good I try to be. This kind of behaviour is very frustrating. Meanwhile, there is a good friend of mine who says he loves me a lot and tries his best to make me happy, but I only like him as my friend. He is always going on about keeping me happy and insists to be in a relationship with me. I don’t want to hurt him and can’t see a way to tell him that I don’t love him. All this disturbs me a lot and I can’t concentrate on my studies. We have our HSC board exams next month and I want to excel for I love my parents and I want them to be proud of me. Please help me find a way through all this confusion and get back to being the good student that I was.

Ans. Your first responsibility is towards your-self and your parents. To make your parents proud is a good aim and that you love your parents and want to excel in exams is an even better aim! Keep up the good work and forget the rest. If friends and boyfriends do not understand that you have an exam and that they should not trouble you but should help you instead, then, they are of no use to you. Such friends should not be considered as good friends for they do not care for you but their own selfish interests. They are bothered more about their own egos and not your future. Cheer up and forget them. In fact you should be feeling angry with both of them rather than worrying about your relationships. The second one who says that he will keep you happy is also showing his ego and trying to seduce you. He may be a good person but he should not bully you with his needs. You don’t need him right now. Nobody can keep you happy except yourself. Tell them to go to hell or wherever and that you will think of them only after exams. Your life is valuable and so are your parents. Concentrate only on these two aims. Best of luck!

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