“Life is a beautiful challenge”- 16 October 2016


Q. I am in MBA (Human Resources) 3 rd semester and want to make my career in this field as a generalist. I am also interested in training and development.
Kindly highlight the opportunity in this field as a fresher to me.

Ans. Human resource management (HRM) deals with selection, recruitment, development of skills of employees in different areas, compensation and mainte­nance of human resources. Between HRD and HRM there is a difference but generally both are functions are merged and used interchangeably in general parlance. HRD deals with efficient utilization of human resources by training and it is a part of HRM. There is enough scope in industries and corporate sector for human resource management students.


Q. My parents have high expectations from me. They want me to get good marks and good rank and so that they will be proud of me. I do not like studies and cannot concentrate on studies. I do not like science and maths and history too. I love to play out door games. I am in games and have won prizes also but my parents are still not happy with me. Is it correct that I should make my parents happy? Should I follow my aims or my parents aim? Please tell me if a career in sports is a bad thing? Please help me madam.

Ans. A career in sports is a very good thing but there are aspects that need to be looked into, in detail before you take this decision seriously. Firstly, your track record so far and how far can you go in the sport, means to what level of achievement to can aspire for. This means you need to get yourself assessed and your talent by an expert in the field. Secondly, how much will your training cost and are your parents ready to spend that amount of money. Thirdly, will you think of an alternate plan and what will that be. Another way is to take a risk for one or two years while you can and go ahead and play seriously for the specific sport you are interested in and try and make some headway in it. If you do not make any significant progress in the specific sport then get back to studies and follow your plan B to make a career. Everyone needs to make a career to make a living and be independent. Think seriously from that angle of being independent and earning for your-self. Otherwise keep sports as a good hobby and pursue it seriously with passion and make another career for a living. Most sports personalities do this.


Q. I am very depressed and feel like committing suicide. I don’t want to live any longer. I am not working after graduation. It was marriage which was to happen but my boyfriend has stopped talking to me. I feel he is avoiding me and shouts at me when I call. He says I am disturbing him in his work. My astrologer says this marriage will not happen as our stars do not match. I have a relationship from seven years and I love him very much. If I don’t marry him I will not marry anyone and I will die. How can he do this to me? Why did he not tell me that he will do this to me?


Ans. This is an unfortunate situation that your boyfriend of long standing whom you were to marry soon has changed his behaviour for the worse. This is very bad and immoral act on his part. You have every reason to feel dejected and depressed. But you should never think of ending your life and never lose hope in your future. Life is beautiful and we are fortunate to be born as human beings. We believe that you get the life of a human after many re-births and after doing good work in your past life. So think about your goodness and your future. Of course you will have to think how to manage this turn of events and what to do with your personal life and what to do with your emptiness. For the moment I can suggest that you focus on two things- one is on your career building, and two, is on your family, your parents and your siblings. The safest and best place on earth is your home –they love you, want you, will ditch you ever and always stand by you. If you do something silly with your-self, they will be hit very hard and will suffer endlessly. It will be extremely unfair to them. So be kind to yourself and be kind to your family. The boy needs to be spanked and cursed. However, leave the punishment to God.

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