Make a career with the right choice – 28 Mar 2010

XYZ (via email)

Q. I am in final year of graduation and want to do MBA from a good college in Pune but my parents are not ready for it. They say it is not safe to be alone in another city. Also my boyfriend will be going to Pune for his studies. I am worried that our relation would break as he will be in Pune and I will be here. My career and love, both are important to me and all these thoughts consume my mind. I have exams soon and am unable to concentrate because of the same. Please help me.       

A– It is good to know that you are interested in studying further. Pune has some well known MBA colleges but it is true that it isn’t that easy to live in a different city all alone. There are a lot of responsibilities that come with it. As regards to your boyfriend a lot of people carry on with their relationships living in different cities. That your boyfriend is also to Pune may in fact be a strong reason for your parents to object to your going to Pune. You may be required to sit for CAT and/or other exams for MBA and you should focus on that. Once you get through a good MBA college, you should try convincing your parents. You should concentrate on your exams at the moment as they will be equally important if you want to go to Pune or otherwise. All the best!

V.B (via email)

Q. I am a BCS graduate from 2008 batch from RTMNU.  I am very confused regarding my career and I need to decide as soon as possible. I wanted to pursue MBA (Finance) but my parents wanted me to do short term courses related to computers or go for MBA (Information systems) because I have studied computers for 5 years now (HSC + Graduation) and then get into a job. My HOD was also not convinced and asked me to get into MCA.  I sat through various management exams but could not come to a decision. Please suggest if there are aptitude tests or any other test that can help me analyze myself.

A. Firstly, don’t stress your- self out. A lot of youngsters are confused about their career and which field to get into. It is not necessary for you to get into Computers if you are interested in finance but I would suggest you get your aptitude test done. It is a standardized test designed to measure the ability of a person in various aspects which will give you insight on areas you are good at and help you decide which field to get into. It hardly takes one and a half hours and you can get the report within a day. There are personality tests too to help you decide the best line for you. All the options are open to you as you know but it is a matter of interest, aptitude and personality factors that help make the best choice in career. After all career is a life- long commitment which you must enjoy throughout your working life. Please consult me as soon as you can for the tests and further discussion on it.

Anonymous (via email)

Q. I really need your help. I belong to a middle class family and I am worried about my future. I am a final year Computer Science student of a college of Nagpur University. My first and second year aggregate percentage was 80% and 81% respectively. But in my 5th semester I secured 70% which is not good. Nagpur University has been in the lime light for wrong reasons and my elders are guiding me not to pursue B.E. from the same. What should I do?

. You seem to be a good student. You have not mentioned the reasons for a sudden 10% drop in your semester but 70% is not that bad and you still have one more semester to make up for it. B.E from Nagpur University is supposed to be good. They have campus interviews and placements are also nice. Also I wouldn’t suggest you change your college as only one year is remaining. You could go to a reputed college for post graduation if you are keen for further studies. Work hard and good luck. If there are other reasons for your anxiety come and see me.


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