Recognize the deficiencies in learning abilities – 21 Mar 2010

M Iyer (via email)

Q. From childhood I had problems while studying from class 1 to 9 I had full concentration in the class but I could understand little, everything was like a blank page to me. Mathematics was my biggest problem- no matter how times I tried but I could not do well. I had passed 10th with great amount of difficulty. After that times have changed- I have now done B.Com; M.Com; DFM, DBM. I am now studying CWA – I could understand well but I still have problem of forgetting. I forget which I have studied during the last few days before exam, even while I went for job interviews I prepare well to answer questions of the interviewer then with at those moments I express great amount of difficulty to speak. I generally speak good at home likewise with friends-what is the kind of problem with me? Please help me I am currently 25 years of age!

Ans. I think I would need more details to understand your problem well. There could be many factors in this type of situation that you are reporting. I cannot make a diagnosis without seeing you in person. Kindly contact me whenever possible and we could help you out with the areas that are troubling you. There are many grey areas that need to be defined and understood.        

Anonymous, (via email)

Q. I am doing M.Sc final year. I am 23 year old. Sometimes it happens that I am not able to communicate properly with others thus misunderstanding gets created between us. Eventually it also happens that I can’t impress a person whom I wish to by my way of talk. The positive point is that sometimes I am able to convey to others in very delightful way. My second problem is, I am very feeble in maths. I failed in 12th std in the same subject (I don’t think it’s because of weakness in maths). Now the problem becomes severe whenever any simple mathematical cue arises my mind gets hanged. I am not able to solve them very quickly in front of others. But alone I have to take a time to solve the same. I wish to do a fermentation business in future, which is full of mathematical equations. But any how I have to go there. Currently I am working on the same but in a lab. My third problem is some time it happen that when I talk to others some words get reverted both in writing and talking. To be successful I have to have overcome these all problems. I am good in study. Many of these things are out of my control. I am facing these problems from my B.Sc. and it’s getting severe in these 5-6 months. There is no girl matter harassing me. Do I have a ‘tare zameen pe’ problem?

Ans. You could have similar problems of learning like the boy in the movie in your childhood. But you have graduated and are doing post graduation so the problems have to be understood in a different way. The abilities required to learn are many in number and some of them could be deficient in people which create learning disorders like shown in the movie. We need to understand each one’s specific problems and help them overcome them by developing the skills in those areas to function well. Sometimes there is a limitation to what and how much you can learn but people can become at least functional in their daily life. Please consult me for further action.

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