“Mid-life career switch should be well planned”-6 October 2013


Q. I have difficulty in focusing in a particular work. So please give me tips to concentrate and focus without getting deflected from it for studies also.

Ans. The art of concentration is to remove all distractions around you and focus on the work on hand. Try meditating when you sit at the study table and then start studying. This means that before you start to study try to relax your mind and calm it down. Then focus on the task on hand with a calm mind. Take a break if you get distracted and calm the mind again before you focus.


Q. I belong to a village of MP and I have completed my 12th in 2005 with bio stream after that I went to Kota for medical entrance exam but I did not get the success and then I started my graduation at my home town. Now I am working at a school my problem is that neither I satisfied nor can regine to this job. I am also preparing various competitive exams but I cannot concentrate just one work I want to get job in government sector and I don’t get sufficient time for studies due to job and also I cannot sit jobless at home what should I do. Please reply.
Ans. You should try for government jobs through competitive exams and keep trying till you succeed. If that is what you want for your happiness and satisfaction then you should try hard for it. But in the meantime you could also work for other private companies whatever is available in your area. You could also start tuition classes for children or other people on topics and subjects of your interest. Try to be creative and think of innovative ideas that can work in your place. Start a small library and help people read and write. Start a movement of some sort. Start enjoying life. Do not sit idle and worry for future. You could also think of shifting to another city for a job. What should stop you from doing that I wonder? The whole world moves home in search of work and jobs. Migration is a common fact and people are willing to move to foreign countries in search of food. A young person like you should be optimistic and energetic enough to struggle at all levels. Best of luck.


Q. I am 37 and Single. I was in IT for 10 years (don’t know why chose that line) and now into consulting. Even the new career is monotonous and boring. I feel depressed about my career.  I don’t know what to do and how to go about. Whom to tell? Could you guide me.


Ans. Yes of course we help with career guidance but it would be difficult to guide you through this column as we need much more details about your interest areas your personality traits and factors. Also your aptitude in important to help us decide what type of a switch you should make in your career. Many people make wrong choices in career as they do not think through their goals in life and make a hurried choice which they start regretting in mid-life. It would be advisable to seek a session on career guidance and then make a switch in career so that you make the right choice this time.

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