“Career and personality”-13 October 2013


Q. I have done my graduation in computer science engineering. I have attended at least 20 campus in my college and outside also. Each and every time I have cleared written and group discussion round, but every time rejected in technical hour round. I am from a middle class family and I have been topper till 12th standard in my district so expectations are very high. I need a job urgently but I am confused now whether to go in IT industry or
choose government sector. Please guide me. I really need your help.
Ans. Please try to analyse the reasons for repeatedly failing in interviews when you have been a good student at school level. Whether you join the government sector or the private is a personal choice as both have their pros and cons. If you have been rejected by the private sector many times you could try the government sector. More jobs are available within the private sector so you could try for both. First find out the factors leading to your failures in interview. It is very surprising that a good student like you should experience this. You might need to brush up your interview skills and we could help you with that. You may be presenting yourself poorly in spite of being good. During the interview they see your mental attitudes and so many aspects of your mind and personality. Even academically good students can have poor presentation of their personality. The intelligence factor is different from the emotional/ personality factor. A few sessions of personality development will help you understand it.


Q. I want your suggestions regarding career. I have completed my engineering this year in CS stream and now I am very much confused about my career. I am not able to make a correct decision for myself. Right now I am preparing for bank as well as gate but I am not
interested in either gate or MBA. I do not know any other course which provides job guarantee as I want to earn. I am not even confident about bank as I lack speed in solving question. Please suggest me what I should do as want to get employed as soon as possible.

Ans. This is a serious dilemma and needs further probing and questioning. For a career in the industrial sector you would need an MBA or an M.Tech depending upon the nature of job you do. For the banking sector your graduation is good enough. Once selected in the bank they will orient you and train you so you need not worry about your speed although speed is an important criteria at all work places. If there are more factors for consideration then we would need to discuss them in detail. Planning a career is a serious business as you have to work through the job for almost all your life and be happy with it. So think of all the options you can explore and look at and then make the best possible choice which is positive for your future. Although job security is an important aspect it is not the only one. Being happy and creative is equally important and that is why the job should fit your personality profile.


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