“Mobile addiction is a disorder now”- 28 January 2018.


Q. I am 37 years old male. I am having a job in a IT firm. I was topper of my batch that’s why I am head of people where I work. It is a normal job where I need to work 8 hours a day. I just do office work and come back home. I was doing fine but now I have started realising that my life is not going anywhere. I just feel stuck on one place. I feel like I am following same schedule in my life and nothing excites me anymore. I feel bored and lonely. I feel so bored many times that I start to get frustrated even on small things. Like if I don’t get tea within five minutes so I will get annoyed and I will act crazy. I don’t know what to do. I feel like giving up and going somewhere but even that is not possible. Please help me what should I do now?
Ans. This seems like a mid-life crisis where monotony and boredom sets in as the routine goes through several years and the job loses its challenge. People do need some new goals and slightly challenging tasks to keep the interest going otherwise people can doze off on auto-pilot so to say! You need to introspect within or sit with a trusted spouse or friend and discuss your professional goals for the present and in the long term. Change your job if necessary or innovate in the same job if possible. Aim for a promotion or an additional duty if possible. You may have to find ways and means of making life interesting. The mood disturbance may spring from your personal life too and you may have signs and symptoms of mild depression. A session of counselling may help identify the exact nature of your malaise.
Q. I am 22 years old female. I feel mentally very unstable. I am happy person in general but I think a lot. I keep on having many ideas in my mind which I know won’t work for me. Right now my parents wants me to complete the degree and then figure out what I want to do in my life but again I feel to drop the studies because I cannot concentrate. Whenever I try to studies there are hundreds of thoughts coming in my mind. I feel very irritated. To distract my mind I even do yoga and meditation exercises. I just want my mind to be calm. What else can be done Ma’am please help me.
Ans. You might be having a problem of hyperactivity and attention as well. However, too much thinking occurs due to several reasons and you say you are an adult of 22 years of age. You might have completed your graduation and might be pushed by parents to pursue post graduation which you may be reluctant to do. That might be upsetting your mental equilibrium. We need to have more details of your situation and your mental status to come to a sensible diagnosis. This is not a very serious situation and we can help you find a simple solution. We can help calm your mind and train you with techniques to calm the mind and control it too.

Q. I am 17 years old guy and I am very addicted to cell phone. I cannot stay without my cell phone. It is not that I am talking to bunch of girls on my phone I even play games, watch movies or shop online. Even my parent’s gets very irritated if I use mobile in front of them all the time. If I don’t check my phone the thought of using it will come popping in my mind again and again and no matter how much I try I will use it for sure. I don’t know what should I do. The most longer time I stayed without using my phone was only five hours. I am trying to work on this habit but I think I should see a counsellor so that they can guide me more and give me professional help about how can it more damage my brain. Please help me and give me your suggestion.

Ans. Yes, you could come for counselling and a few sessions will do good to you. Technology addiction has been declared as a ‘mental disorder’ now officially. Too many people are getting affected by it and it is disturbing social life as well as your studies I am sure. Your parents are already unhappy with you as they realise what you have got into. it makes you disconnected with the real world as you tune in to the virtual most of the time. I am glad you are realising it and accepting the fact that you need help. This is the first good sign to recovery!

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