“Never give up on your dreams”- 21 May 2016.


Q. Madam, I am a 1st year student in Master of Applied Management and I want to discontinue studies after Bachelor of Management degree which is of 3 yrs (the total duration of the course is 5 yrs and this is a dual degree course in management). I am interested in I.T sectors, so, after that what type of post graduate degrees could you suggest to me for specialization in I.T.

Ans. I think there is some confusion regarding your goals and the degree you have chosen. Once you have chosen management at the undergraduate level you cannot enter into the technical side of IT sector for post graduation. You could get into the IT industries in management related jobs, whether it is marketing, HR or finance or IT. Even then you would rather do the post graduate course too (MBA IT) to become a proper management executive. A simple graduation would be inadequate. If you desire to get into the technical side of IT then you will need to do some short term courses in computer languages and database. Alternately you could drop out of this course and join the IT courses, such as BCS, that too, if you have had science and maths at the 12 std level. If confusion persists a session of counselling should help you make the right choice this time.


Q. I feel that have some problem; like there is no good left in me. For doing any good work, we need to have a good heart. But I feel that I don’t have a good heart.  After heartbreak, I joined NGO, but I failed to gain any interest in that work. I don’t know why. Either the NGO wasn’t working properly or there were faults in me. I don’t even like to give money to beggars. It all makes me feel like I am not a good person. I can’t show-off being a good person. But I can’t act well if my heart doesn’t want to. I also don’t have many friends or I can say I decided to move forward rather than staying at a place for friends. I have a huge dream and my only aim is to live that dream and so I am working day and night for it. I have experienced various failures and I even let go of the girl I loved so much because she liked the other boy. I am really confused about what is happening with me. Please guide me.

Ans. Yes, there is lots of confusion in your mind. However always remember that you are not a bad person; it’s just a bad phase which will go away soon. Like we say, “every dark cloud has a silver lining.” You must continue to stay focused at your work and pursue your dream. It is good to know that you have huge dreams. Never give up on them. To feel better you could join sports and indulge in physical activity, that way you’ll be turning your negative emotions into positive ones and releasing stress and staying healthy. I am glad you let go of the girl as she liked another person. This is best thing to do. Don’t stress over it, there are plenty more people whom you’ll find pleasing to your personality. Interact with motivating, inspiring and positive people which will benefit your own personal growth. And do not be afraid of facing failure, the simplest recovery for that is to ‘try again’. A session of counselling may help clear up the confusions and the grey areas in your mind.


Q. I am a student of 10 std. I have not performed well and will not secure good marks. I am ashamed of myself and my parents are constantly shouting at me. It is all because of my friend, they feel. I have spoiled my career and do not feel like living. I feel like ending my life. My friend is very nice and he is not to be blamed for all this. I did not work hard and wasted my time. Also I did not like a few subjects. My parents do not understand me at all. They keep fighting most of the times and I feel like running away from home. It is horrible madam. I don’t know what to do. I will not get admission anywhere.


Ans.  Damage has not yet been done. Explore your options and see in which field your interest and passion lies in and pursue that further. Don’t waste your time and dedicate yourself entirely to your studies. Lessen spending time with your friend and make studies your priority. Your parents are just worried, and it is because they care, they are upset. Once, they notice improvement they’ll be at peace and eventually stop shouting. You are smart enough to be aware of your weaknesses and this should provide you an opportunity to turn your life gracefully. Not securing enough marks in class 10th doesn’t mean it’s the end of your life, you must try harder and not give up. Never think of ending your life. Life is always a struggle and a beautiful one. Take up the challenge with a smile.

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