“Winning is important for success”- 29 May 2016.


Q. I have given 12th examination, I am interested in Designing courses and wanted to do graduation in that. I need to know information of the course and scope in specific branch which will give me entry in corporate. I also wanted to know that which private or government college which best for the course.

Ans. We need to know more details about your subjects in 12 std and your interest areas before we give you suggestions about the courses. There are design courses in Arts and there are design courses with science as well. For example, product design, interior design, textile design and many more such courses are science based and hence known as technical courses. The art based design courses are mainly fine arts, commercial art, fashion designing, and the likes of it. Another course requiring design is architecture. You would need to think through your interests and your aims before you make a choice. A session of career counselling will help make it clear if you are unable to decide.


Q. I’m 18 yrs old studying in second year BDS. I’m not able to balance between family and friends. Me and my friends are somewhat impish and we love to enjoy but equally we study too but my parents think that I get too much involved in them. I agree sometimes it gets too much but under peer pressure I’m not able to say anything. I’m always afraid of losing people. I can’t get angry on anyone. I can’t see anyone sad because of me and I have to surrender, so sometimes people use me. That’s why my parents are worried. I know if my family is there I don’t need anyone but then too don’t know why I behave like that. Secondly I’m so much confused about my decisions. Every time in problem I get two ways to solve and I prove myself wrong though I always wanted to choose the right one. Thirdly whenever I participate in any competition whether it may be drawing or may be study related my competitors win by cheating or there is partiality amongst us. I have never won any competition even after giving my best honestly. I taught my friend and helped her about everything in competition but she won and I even didn’t got second prize, the second prize winner was not that much good. Whenever anyone of college staff and students see paintings before praising about winners they talk about my painting, its good but after all winner is winner. Again one thing I wanted to share is about family- my family does not likes so I always avoid to go to movies to night outs and I am always truthful to them but still they do not trust me 100%. I’ m good in studies but not able to handle my life perfectly. What should I do? Please help.

Ans. Peer group pressure is common for all people in all age groups. Some people are able to handle it well and do not care beyond a limit for others but some people like you care too much for others and may harm themselves in many ways. For one, if you are generally other oriented you tend to focus less on yourself and more on others. So you help them cutting off your precious time and doing things for them. Although helping is a good quality if it is at the expense of your success and progress you might think twice. Your focus has to be you and your activities and success. So learn to first focus on yourself and your achievements. Tell yourself that you are important to you. Although friends are very important in life they do not stay with us always as each one goes their own way. And each one leads their own life according to their aims and dreams. Along the way you keep making new friends as nobody likes to be alone. Just as family is important friends are important too but they do not stay with you for long. Family always stays with you no matter what and therefore we owe them everything. Do not be afraid of losing friends, it is a natural process and we do lose them at every stage of our life, just as we make new ones. You need to focus on developing your skills in whatever area you think you are weak in, such as, decision making, focusing on your own goals, learning to compete and winning. Winning is important for success. If you are playing a cricket match, will you start helping the other team guys to win or you will focus on your own game and team and want to win? The same is the case with all activities. If there is a competition try to do your best, don’t help anybody, concentrate your energies on self and decide to win. And you will.


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