“No scope for mediocrity in some careers”- 22 November 2015.


Q. I’m a 21 year old girl who is currently studying my final year.  I have recently realized that I have lost all interest in studies. I do not like what I am doing and want to do something different. I always wanted to act and become a model but my family did not agree. They forced me into this course. I am hating this all more now after tolerating it for few years. But I’m confused as what will I do then? And what if I fail there too? I feel sad angry and depressed when I do my college work. What should I do? Please advice.

Ans. This is unfortunate for you to be lagging in a course which does not interest you at all. Parents have security uppermost in their mind as well as some have prejudice against some professions which have been devalued for some reason. No career is good or bad –people are happy doing what they would like to do. Careers such as modeling and acting are not sure shot job oriented courses and require a lot of hard work and long years of making it there. You need money to sustain yourself for so many years which your parents may not afford. Also keep in mind that there is no scope for mediocrity in these careers –you either reach the top with your super talent or you might not be able to survive. So taking a graduation is a good and wise thing to do, work for some years and have a hobby as acting and modeling in your local area. It is important to earn as well as pursue your dreams. So do both, till you are capable of choosing your passion and then switching over.


Q. Please guide me about detaching emotions from a girl.

Ans. This is a tough task but not impossible thing to do. When the rational decision is taken the emotions should come in line of control. Your head should rule your heart but we know emotions have more power than reason. One way is to channelize your emotions into meaningful tasks that you enjoy doing such as creative hobbies or any physical activity that will relieve you to some extent. Another way is to accept the fact that the girl is no longer part of your life and is gone. You could cherish the good memories spent with her if it helps or if it worsens your state of mind then do not think about her and the good days. Another choice is to go out and help others in need, do some social work and help needy kids or handicapped people and you will forget your misery when you see the misery of the world. See life in a broader perspective and not from a narrow view. You will find many friends and also the girl of your choice.


Q. I am a 19 years engineering student. I want to pass IAS exam so please tell me from where and when should I start preparing for UPSC exam? Please advise me.

Ans. There are good institutes who can coach you for these exams. You should work on improving your English language and also your general knowledge. Take genuine interest in political affairs and world affairs and a general awareness of things around. Your reasoning capacity should also be developed although you are a student of engineering. Pick up some books from the market on these exams and start reading them. You have time for you will appear after your final year exams. Start now. The sooner the better.


Q. I am a student of 11th commerce, doing preparation of CPT exam ( CA entrance ). I want to make a perfect time table for my studies as well as my routine work but I don’t get the perfect time table as every time I made it. So can you please help me with this? Even my grades are decreasing and lack of concentration problem is increasing in me. Please suggest me.

Ans. There is nothing as a perfect time table. The only consideration is to spend as much time as you can on studies. You should have a three point program- eat, sleep and study. Nothing else should occupy your mind. Stop all other activities such as TV, mobile, social networking, hobbies, friends etc. If you are serious about becoming a CA you can do it. Focus on improving your concentration by removing distractions and get going. If you cannot help yourself come for a session of counselling. We can teach your many simple techniques to improve your concentration and stop distractions.


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