Not an easy choice – 5th April 2020


“Not an easy choice”


Q. I have dropped out of college in 2nd year of studying Occupational Therapy due to lack of interest in it. I have previously given NEET and appeared for 12th Boards in Science Stream. I am currently in a fix trying to understand what course I should pursue now. I have a keen interest in writing and using my creativity but am unaware of the exact course I should undertake so as to utilise my potential. Would taking B.A. Literature with Psychology be a good choice? Could you please guide me on what career path might be best for me, and what are the job opportunities ahead in them?

Ans. Occupational Therapy is a such a wonderful programme but not much recognised and respected in our situation. It is absolutely a must for rehabilitation of seriously afflicted patients. But obviously it did not interest you for your own reasons. It has much scope abroad in developed countries. If you have truly left it behind you and want to start afresh then you would need to think seriously about a career path and not just a degree here and there. Creative writing takes mainly two forms, one, is about mass media and journalism which follows a specific path for training and the other is about writing books and being an author. Writing is also used for content writing for others and for purposes of corporate communications hired by the public relations department by industries. The basic skill and art behind all this is the mastery on language and the ability to express in writing. The basic course to do in all this is a B.A. in English with Literature as you say and then later on either proceed with an M.A in English or join a degree course in journalism and mass media. (This is also available in a few colleges after 12 std too). Courses in creative writing for becoming an author is missing in India and you might go abroad for that. Language is a big area for making a very good career and has huge potential in the market but first be clear as to what you want to become in your life and what you would love doing for the rest of your life. Come for a session or book online for tele-counselling if still unsure. Another wrong choice will prove costly.

Q. I love this girl for some time and I thought she liked me too. She would smile at me and I thought she blushed. I kept chasing her for many months and she was quiet all the time. I did not talk to her or write messages to her but just see her in college and follow her home. Now I am broke as I saw her hanging out with another boy in a coffee shop. Now I cannot follow her due to lockdown and closure and have no clue about her. I can’t see her as usual and can’t know about her. This is making my mind restless and anxious. She must be talking to the other guy on mobile and I am sitting at home. I am going crazy so to say. Please give some tips for me.

Ans. You sound like a desperate person in love. She seems more like a fantasy of yours as you state the facts. You don’t talk to her as you have never had the guts to approach her in any way and there has been no chance of friendship in any way. She is part of your imagination as you like something about her from afar. Your restlessness comes from the fact that you can’t see her and feel happy just by seeing her. My suggestion would be a very simple one- since she is already hanging out with a guy which may develop further into friendship your chances of making friends with her are remote. (?). It is better to get out of the imagination and get into something real. Meet someone you know and likes you too. Make friends with neighbours and classmates and anyone who is willing and friendly. Forget about love and all that and just enjoy life. Staying indoors is a boon for exploring newer avenues and interests and people too. Connect on mobile and enjoy group chats. Don’t fret and be anxious. Don’t worry about her. Get rid of your fantasy of wanting to see her from afar.


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