“Postpone personal pleasures”- 26 May 2013


Q. I am waiting my results for 12 boards. I was a cbsc student upto 10th std and later for +@ level I changed my board. I want to pursue may career in journalism but my parents are against n they want me to continue for engineering i.e B.E. i want to know is it too late to get enrolled in any journalism college and what are the best colleges and there are many more questions so if my parents get agreed than is it possible to have a counselling with you for the best colleges for me and other related things into it.

Ans. You will have to give a serious thought to planning your career well so that there is no scope for repentance later. Your parents and you differ on the choice. All careers are good but you should have the aptitude, the interest and the personality factors to support your choice. One wrong move now will result in wastage of time, energy and money. And anyway frustration and failure are serious issues that need to be taken care of. So a healthy discussion with parents and the pros and cons of all professions need to be discussed. A session of career guidance and planning will help tremendously to move in the right direction. Journalism is a great career provided you are very passionate about it and have a right type of temperament for it.


Q. I am a bio student & just have given 12th exam. I am in relationship with a guy. He is my family friend. I love him very much & he loves me too. But I am unable to concentrate in my studies. Just now I have given NEET & it went not so good. I don’t know what to do & how to focus on my studies & it has happened at such critical stage. I have been a very good student& always scored excellent marks. Every time I used to think about him. His thoughts are grasping my mind. I even don’t want to leave him. Plz suggest me something & reply me soon as on 1st June there will be my AIIMS exam so that sooner I can adopt your advice & regain my old charm.

Ans. As human beings we know and learn how to prioritise in life. Do one thing at a time. When at war the only solution is to fight so that you don’t lose your life. Same is with exams. During exams nothing else matters except passing with good qualifying marks so that you do not fail and make a fool of yourself. To maintain your self- respect and dignity just focus on exams and tell your guy to not to disturb you for a month or two. Learning to balance life in all ways is the most important lesson everyone has to learn. So postpone your personal life for some time and focus on the professional side. Get your priorities straight and get going. It is not one against the other but taking everything along with us.


Q. I just appeared for final semester in engineering in MIET, RTMNU. I want to go for MBA. But I wasn’t able to appear for any entrance exams. I’ve heard that a number of colleges are participating from all over India to offer Direct Admission to students against their vacant seats. Is this true? If so, what is the procedure? I got this information from admissionjankari.com and directadmission.info/MBA. But they are also warning against fake sites! Please guide!


Ans. Yes do be cautious about fake sites and fake colleges. Wait for information in the newspapers or find out from colleges if any such seats are going to be opened for direct admission. Normally there has to be a method whereby they declare it for the public. With the sites that give admission you should call up the colleges directly and get the information. Anyway do not pay the fees in a hurry until and unless you verify the authenticity completely. Your parents and teachers can certainly help you here.

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