Probe your mind – 31 Oct 2010

A student

Q. I am a student of B.E final year and I am suffering from great difficulty. I am unable to concentrate on my studies. My mind gets diverted all the time while studying. I am afraid about scoring less mark in exams. Please help me out.

Ans. There could be many reasons for your situation. There seems to be some sort of emotional disturbance in your mind. This must be diverting your mind from your studies. You may have an anxiety disorder that creates fear and nervousness for your exams and makes you worry unnecessarily about things that should be natural to you. As a student your task is to study and take your degree but there seems to be other issues that are taking priority. Please come for  consultation if you cannot manage yourself.


Q. I am an electronic engineering student. I am good at studies. My problem is that I am not able to concentrate on studies. My aim is to join armed forces. I am very keen to join it any how. If I talk about my history I love a girl from last eight years- she also knows that I love her. I proposed her and she said no to me but we are best friends now. She had recently broken up with her boyfriend but I always think of her and not able to study. I care for her a lot, she also want that I should join the armed forces but sometimes she behaves with me in rude manner and it disturbs me lot. What to do I am not getting anything. Please help me I want to achieve my aim also and want her to be with me always for life time.

Ans. Set your priorities first. Then focus on one thing at a time. Complete your degree, join the armed forces and then propose to your friend. Once you are well settled in life she might agree and say a happy yes to you. It would be advisable not to run after her too much. Keep the friendship and maintain the distance as well. When she behaves rudely keep away from her for some time. She might be taking you for granted after a long eight years of friendship. It is up to you to maintain your dignity and earn her respect. Love will follow soon.


Q. I am a B. Sc 1st year student- for me my work has always been my life. I am multi-talented and skilled in diverse fields. I some day hope to be an inventor- I recently got very sick and have missed a lot of college. I have been healthy for more than 20 days and I just couldn’t bring myself to face the teachers and I ended up bunking from college. I realized that I have been sabotaging my own tasks since I have been in school. I don’t understand what I am scared of but whatever it is, it has stopped me from succeeding at whatever I try to accomplish. I am a good public speaker so I don’t understand this fear of mine. Your guidance will be of help.

Ans. Prolonged illness can be debilitating mentally too. It has its own repercussions on the mind. Rehabilitating your mind will be important for you. The back log might be scaring you and everything might seem like a herculean task. But if you keep your calm and pray everything will be fine. Go to college without wasting time and make a time schedule of dealing with the back log. Ask your teachers and friends for help. People are helpful in times of need – you will be surprised to know. If this is a different problem and exists from school days as you say then you would need to analyse your mind and probe your fears. Some sessions of therapy will help you understand your mind.

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