“Problems have solutions”-16 April 2023


Q. I am not sure of my career. I like maths but not science. Physics I cannot do well. Chemistry somewhat I understand. I like English and Sanskrit also but not social studies. My parents have left it to me to decide. They don’t force me to do anything. They say you choose according to your likes and preferences. Now I am more confused. My friends say I should take engineering or commerce. Please help me decide. Give me some tips.

Ans. If there is so much confusion in your mind and no one is helping you from the family, then you need professional consultation. We can help you with an aptitude test which profiles your abilities and their strength and then depending on the report of the aptitude test, we counsel you. During the counselling we take into account your likes and dislikes, your strengths and weaknesses, your nature and personality, your dreams and goals as well as the expectations of your parents and you. A comprehensive picture of yourself gives us the three best choices for you. An exploratory discussion with you and the family (parents) is an important way to arrive at a good decision after the aptitude test and its results.

D.P, Nagpur.

Q. Hello Ma’am, I am facing problem in studies. Whenever I start studying I always feel distracted and not wanting to study. Sometimes I get motivation and I plan things out but the next day I am again the same, don’t feel like studying at all. I also just sit in one place and do nothing as I get stressed because of that or else I use mobile. I am so much addicted to phone- I have tried to avoid it but not able to. I am now in 10th std and I need to focus on my studies. What should I do? Please help.

Ans. There could be multiple reasons for your condition as you state it. Your primary problem seems to be your addiction to the phone at the moment. The addiction could be due to other reasons, such as boredom, lack of interest in subjects and studies, difficulty in some specific subjects or an emotional disturbance in your family or friends. You need to analyse the causes and if there are multiple causes, it will be good to list them out on paper. Once you have understood the reasons, then find solutions for all of them, one by one, and fix them. If you have difficulty in some subjects, find a tutor to help you. If there is an emotional disturbance, identify it and talk it out with the concerned people. Everything has a solution. If there are problems, there are solutions. It is good that you are writing about your problem and seeking help. Come for a session if you can. 

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