“Psychotherapy imperative for psychiatric disorders”- 21 October 2012


Q. I want to discuss about my younger brother. He does not talk to anyone unless asked, he always sits quietly. Sometimes he gets very angry and a bit violent. Few days before he went away from home, we searched a lot and bought him back. All this started after his engagement i.e. 4 years ago. Previously, he was a very silent and simple, he used to work in private bank. After marriage condition became worse, his wife left him and went back to her father’s house due to his abnormal behaviour. They got divorced. Even after three years treatment from psychiatrist he is not normal. He stays with mother and sister. Father expired 16 years ago. Sister also divorced. She is normal. Is there any treatment that can cure him? Please suggest some solution.

Ans. Psychological counselling may help in easing out some issues that pertain to personality and can help in family and social adjustment. I would need to know the nature of his psychiatric disorder to assess how he can be helped through counselling. Psychiatric disorders can disturb family life, work life and social adjustment. Therefore along with medicines psychotherapy is imperative.


Q.  I am an engineering 3rd year student. When I was in eight standard I meet a girl. On very first sight I like her. Then we became best friends. She were having boyfriend then also. All was going good. My friends use to say that I love her. I feel that it is just an attraction and nothing else. But when I was in first year I feel that I really love her and I propose her but her answer was no. She tell me that she feel sick when talk about how much I love her and all that. She also like me and she told me that she very lucky and happy person that she got a friend like me. My friends say she is just using me and nothing else. Now she is single because for her I can’t think other girl to come in my life. Please tell me what to do? I love her from my heart. I don’t want lose her ever.

Ans. Get in touch with her first and renew your friendship with her. Find out about her aims and ambitions in life. She cannot use you or your friendship if you do not allow it. However friendship is a valuable thing and is good to be friends even if you marry each other or not finally. You should try proposing her once again even if she refuses once again. It would be worth it if you love her so much and think she is the best person for you.


Q. I am suffering from some family problems about a month. My father is living in a town since last 15 years for job. My father’s job is not constant and that’s why we have to stay in cities. One day I was just reading messages in my father’s cell. I found some unexpected messages, and from those messages I thought that he likes any other women. Then I got tensed but my father’s behaviour is not changed. He is as it is as was earlier, very caring. I am in confusion that what should I do? Should I talk with my mother or my sister or what to do? Please give me advice.

Ans. This is a real moral dilemma! Sneaking into your father’s cell is itself a bad act and then telling it to your mother is going to have its own repercussion. Think of the consequences your ‘truth telling’ will have on your mother, your father and the entire family. If the effects are going to be disastrous it will be better to either keep quiet about it or handle it with your father alone. If he satisfies you with his explanations you might save your family and especially your mother the trauma of the truth. Matters such as these (mobile chatting) might be just temporary and hopefully will pass soon enough. I hope your father is able to assure you about this. All the best.

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