“A relaxed calm mind concentrates best”- 5 January 2014


Q. Please help. I am a 17 years old girl in 12 Std and I have developed a bad habit at night every day. I am trying since 8 months to give up this habit but I am unable to do so. I want to come out with flying colours in my 12th board exam but because of this habit I am unable to do so. I feel lifeless and feel that I will never be successful or happy in life. I am feeling like I have committed a sin. I feel like I am cheating my parents and God. Will this misery never end? There is no full stop to this. Please help me. I am very depressed.

Ans. There are two things you must do- one is to drop the habit by reducing it. Read a good book before going to bed –it will give you good sleep and good thoughts too. Read a spiritual book before sleeping. Secondly stop feeling guilty as you are not doing any sin and not hurting anyone. Guilt will only worsen your state of mind and aggravate your depression. So relax, calm your mind and develop good habits.


Q. I am studying in class 10th. I have a problem in concentration while studying. My mind gets distracted easily. I am worried about my board exams which are going to be soon. Please help me.

Ans. Make a list of things that distract you and then decide that you will not make any excuses for not studying. Most times the distractions can be taken care of and they only turn out to be excuses for not studying for whatever reasons. Concentration is the art of focusing on only thing at a time and when doing so you have to remove all other things/clutters from your mind and atmosphere of study. Studying is like meditation and needs total peace of mind and the environment. Stop worrying too as it is a useless emotion. A relaxed calm mind will be the best state to be in.


Q. I am 26 year old girl from Nagpur. I am in a relationship with guy from 3 years and we both want to get married next year. My father is opposing this marriage since I have told him about this. He always have opposed love/inter caste marriages. But I thought he might change his mind some day and will agree. Now he has shown our ‘kundali’ to a ‘pandit’ and he is saying there is ‘naadi dosh’ so this marriage will not be successful affecting the next generation. The guy’s parents are okay with the ‘kundali’ thing saying that it doesn’t matter in front of their son’s happiness. How should I convince my father? My mother supports me but she can’t go beyond my father’s wish. I am very much sure of marrying this guy and want my parents to happily agree. What should I do? I am disturbed.

Ans. Wait for some more time your father might change his mind. Tell him you want his blessings and that you will not marry anyone else. Once he understands your sentiment as well as your resolve he will give his blessings. You could also request your friend and his family to meet him with the proposal. However in any case, you are an adult and capable of taking your own decision. All the best.


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