“Health is top priority”- 29 December 2013


Q. I am totally filled with negativity which affects me a lot. Please help me out.

Ans. It would be advisable to identify the reasons for your negativity and analyse them so that you can deal with them. Secondly you should learn the methods of positive thinking and apply them. Positive thinking does not come naturally, it has to be cultivated and made into a habit. I am glad you have identified your problem as a negative thinking problem. It is a like a disease which eats into your energies and makes you feel sick. If you cannot deal with it yourself come for a few sessions.


Q. I am in 12th and I have study issues. On 7 Jan I was detected of having aplastic anemia which changed my whole life due to which I was hospitalized for 4 months. I resumed my classes in May left with a huge backlog. I lost my 5-6 months, now my friends are revising their subjects and I have not even completed learning. These things depress me a lot. My parents are shouting at me all the time and comparing me with other students. I have big dreams which cannot be achieved without some high scores due to the taunts and humiliation. I get totally depressed and cannot focus on studies, my board exam starts from 20 Feb and JEE Mains is on 19 April. I have to complete a vast syllabus but I am not able to focus. Please help me.

Ans. Many children go through health issues and develop illnesses. The first thing to do is to relax your mind and take a realistic assessment of the situation. Since you have lost out on regular studies and have a huge backlog, evaluate whether you can achieve good marks in this session or you would like to take a drop and prepare peacefully. Another option would be to appear for your exams this session but lower your goals and expectations to match your capacity physical and mental. Instead of shouting and fretting over it ask your parents to help you solve your problems and reach a correct decision. Emotional stress will upset your health too. Take a cool look at the situation and take a decision. Good health is always first priority. Career is second.


Q. I am BE 1st year. Since few months whenever I talk to others it’s in a different way. I say whatever I want but when I make eye contact with the other person he begins to look at me in another/peculiar way. This has disturbed me a lot. I do not like to make eye contact with anyone and do not like to talk to others. Please guide me what I should do?

Ans. This seems to be a peculiar problem and we would need to know more details before I can help you and guide you in any way. You may have become conscious of others looking at you or you may be imagining that people are looking at you in a peculiar way. Many times we can imagine some things because we have lowered our confidence levels and have become more conscious of others. Try focusing on yourself and your thoughts rather than others and improving your confidence when interacting with others. Otherwise take a session or two with me.


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