“Be calm and positive”- 3 March 2013

Q. I am doing masters in Nursing. Basically I am a good student and always wish and will to stand at the first position in academics. We have too many of assignments and other requirements as a part of the academics and do get very less time for the studies. Basically my study schedule is very haphazard. I do not follow any particular schedule. While doing bachelors I always had a good time sleep after coming from college which gives me a sense of freshness to start with studies…but now everything is changed as timing of the college is prolonged. After 5 pm only I reach home and afterwards have to rush with my activities which makes me more tiresome. And one of the major problem is that after taking dinner also I feel so sleepy I plan to go bed for at least half an hour and go into very sound sleep that do not wake up, not with sound of alarm or even mum comes and calls me and if so I begin study again feels drowsy. I like to wake up early morning, but still more of the times I sleep. Please help me madam and suggest me with some tips to tackle with all this problems as the exams are also forward.


Ans. What you need is a good sleep and you are unable to manage your time schedule to get enough sleep. That makes you tired. One way is to stop rushing through activities and slowing down your pace of action. That will relax your mind and keep you calm. A calm mind can do more work without being stressed. Negative emotional reactions lead to negative energy and lead to mental fatigue. Do whatever needs to be done with a calm and cool mind. Talk to yourself in a positive manner and tell yourself that you can do it and will do it. Do not think negative thoughts in any case. That will ease off your pressure and increase your efficient.


Q. I am in total confusion about my future career. I like music and arts and dance. I hate science and maths and all that. I have taken these subjects in 12 Std because of my parents insisting me to get into science. I get good marks in this also and I can do these subjects but they are not interesting for me. I feel bored soon and cannot think of doing it all my life. I want to get into films and film making but how will my parents allow me. They will think I have gone mad. They think I can make a good career only in science and that is it. They will never change their view. They are convinced about it. Please help me –is it impossible to do anything else in life besides science? How should I convince my parents? Please advice.

Ans. You are right about the idea that science is not the only profession that man should have. It takes all types of people and all types of professions to make a good balanced world. If everyone did science who would take care of the other jobs? The problem with a traditional and conservative mind is the fact that they are afraid of opening their minds to newer possibilities. They fear new ideas and fear taking risk. Some careers are high risk careers like films, modelling etc but where there is a will there is a way. You could suggest to your parents a session on career guidance and counselling where we could help you and your parents with the right and proper decision which could be taken in a systematic manner. We need to find out your aptitude and your interest and your personality traits to help you take the right decision. There are many factors that go into planning a career in the long run. We could convince your parents also about it. Meanwhile focus on your studies and do your best in exams. Prove it to your parents and yourself that you can do well in whatever you put your hand into. We have time to take a fresh look at your career and decide.




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