“Road Rage arrives in Nagpur”! 21 May 2011

Hello friends,

Last week I have been hearing a couple of stories about road rage in Nagpur! What fantastic narrations and what fury I could feel in the tone and facial expressions of the narrator! It’s certainly not a laughing matter as I feel it too everyday but control it as it does no good to my body and my mood as I go to work. I guess it is seems to be inevitable when the city grows big, the aspirations grow big, the pockets grow bigger but man’s most important organ- the mind grows narrower! That does not seem to grow in proportion to the material growth. In fact there seems to be a reverse growth- a deterioration of proper thought and behavior. It is all about discipline and following rules. It’s all about being a conscious and conscientious citizen. It’s about being aware of your rights and the rights of others. There is rampant breaking of rules, traffic rules, keeping-to-your-lane rules, right of passage rules and flowing with the traffic and not obstructing it. It’s all about the mind and mindsets.

There has a be a minimum speed limit along with the maximum speed limit. A man (cannot call him a gentleman!) dawdled on the road at a speed of 20km /hour with a mobile phone to one ear and a cigarette in a hand blocking the traffic behind during office hours in the morning and my blast of horn had no effect on his deaf ears. He moved on the road as if he owned it (at another time one youth actually shouted at me back that his ‘BAAP’/ father owned the road!); oblivious of his fellow countrymen; oblivious to everything except his own fat ego. I hate people who speed as if they are participating in a car race on a super highway and I hate the dawdlers who crawl and creep on the road holding the entire passage-way to themselves.

The traffic must flow according to the circumstances. Cars must line up behind one other within comfortable distance and move. MOVE- do not stop anywhere and wherever.

More later!

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