“Read, revise and recall”- 25 March 2018.

Q I am 21 years male. I am very addicted to weed. All my friends smoke it. We know it is illegal but it is very easily available in Nagpur and India. Weed is something which I cannot leave without. In the beginning my friends used to say it is not addicting so I tried it and in no time I got very addicted to it. I don’t know what to do. If I don’t take weed I feel very depressed; irritated and crazy. I don’t even take it to feel high now even if I take because I became very habitual. Before in start I used to feel good but now it doesn’t. My exams are coming soon please help me to quit it so I can concentrate on my exams.

Ans. It is nice to know that you want to give it up. Mostly it is introduced by friends and their circle outside. The symptoms that you report are called ‘withdrawal’ symptoms, which happen as a result of the addiction to the drug. Just like people can get addicted to even say ‘tea’ and if they do not have their morning or evening cup of tea they get symptoms like headache, restlessness, feeling lazy, yawning, and so on. Once taken the symptoms vanish. Giving up an old habit is not easy and make an assessment if you can give it up at home. If not get admitted to a hospital for a week and they will de-addict you with the help of medicines. Take the help of your parents and do the necessary. You might quit it after the exams if they are nearing. Complete your exams and then get treated.
Q. I am 37 aged. I am a business man but after this GST my shop is not doing so well.  I feel very stressed and zonked. I try to work my best but I am not very well educated. I don’t know what to do. This work pressure is driving me crazy. My wife and children are also very upset with my this kind of behaviour. I want to feel stress-free and sleep well. I don’t want the outside tension to effect my inner peace. I want to make my family happy and satisfied. What should I do?
Ans. It is not clear what is the specific nature of your problem but you do sound stressed and under pressure. Firstly analyse the factors at work that are leading to stress, such as, being less organised, identifying the problem at the various levels, accounting, planning, or executing. This will help in clearing your mind of what needs to be taken care of. This is the first step to know the problem. Then get down to solving it. If, you find your skills falling short, and feel less competent about some aspects, then you should think of hiring the services of experts and get it fixed. Letting it linger on will add to the problem. You must also learn the art of keeping your mind cool and calm and taking up one task at a time and solving it. Your family might be able to help you if you share it with them. Keep a positive attitude and maintain an optimistic approach to life. All will be well.
Q. I am 18 years old female. My exams are coming soon next month. Please suggest some tips and tricks to study nicely and score good marks. I have always been a good student when it comes to study. I want to score more. How to memorise dates and events. I find it very difficult. Thank you.

Ans. If you are a good student I am sure you know what needs to be done at the time of exams and how to study systematically. The first thing to do is to organise your study materials, such as notes, reference books and your other tools. Keep your study table clean and tidy. Ask everyone at home not to play music or watch TV while you are studying. Make an exam time table with number of revisions in mind. Now focus and concentrate on your subjects set up in your time-table. Revise them and recall them during free time such as getting ready, eating, bathing, travelling etc. Use every minute to focus on a subject matter. Repetitions make for good memory. Switch off all distractions till exams are over. Do not talk or chat with friends and tell them not to call you. Do not spread the anxiety or take the anxiety spread by friends which they are likely to do. Therefore think positive, act positive and feel good. Sleep enough not more. Eat healthy and avoid oily and fried foods which make you feel heavy and sleepy. Do only one thing till exams- eat exams, drink exams and sleep exams as they say!! You will surely excel this way.

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