“Stress can cause headaches too”- 1 April 2018.

Emotions for 1 April 2018.


Q. I always read your article in Hitvada. I want opinion from you that which subject and Career I should opt. I am studying in class 10. I’ve got 89% in class 9th . My highest score was in maths 98. Mam I am confused about which line I should choose. Once, I decided to choose commerce with maths, but I don’t know if this decision is good for me or not. Mam please suggest me. I want your suggestion please!

Ans. Yes, of course maths and commerce is a good combination for 11 and 12 Std. The options for future would be the courses in commerce and accountancy related fields, and also architecture through NATA. You must first decide what your future goal is and accordingly choose the courses of study and not vice versa. The second criteria is to know what interests you the most in terms of subjects of study and also in terms of work. If you like science you could pursue that otherwise what you have decided is fine. A session of career guidance will certainly help ascertain more deeper areas of your mind and help reach a perfect choice.


Q. I am working as an government employee on a good post, it  paying me high and reputed also but I want to become IES officer but my job not allow me to do so as time not permit I cleared the prelims of it then what should I do ? In between I love one girl and she also love me but her parents force her to marry and I am not ready for it, my dreams not allow me to do so what should I do, to leave her or my dream?

Ans. This is a strange dilemma. If you can do both would be ideal and the best for you. If you could marry her first and then fulfil your dreams as well with her cooperation would be the best choice. After marriage too people struggle to make good careers and seek promotions. Hard work in career building is a continuous process and never ends and marriage to the right girl is also the wise thing to do. Discuss with her your dilemma and take her support in pursuing your dreams. As it is you are on a good post and earning well and there is no insecurity. Another alternative would be to get officially engaged and wait for marriage for a year or two as per your requirement. Think it out with her and make a decision. Doing both would be a winning situation!


Q. I am the student of BSc 2nd year by biotech, biochem & zoology but now my interest is getting less in this–I want to do DMLT course. Please suggest me that can I do now??

Ans. Of course you can do the DMLT course anytime you want to as it is not a degree course but only a diploma. Nobody can stop you from doing it as you are a science student and that is all that is required. Do both if they allow you. Continue with your degree course and also do your diploma. Find out from the concerned authorities.


Q. My head aches and I am developing fear of something unknown. It keeps me worried about my health and my strange headache. The doctor says it will go away and there is nothing wrong with me. I live in fear and cannot sleep properly too. My family gets angry with me and scolds me for dreaming it all. They think I am making it up and pretending. But I am not acting so to say. Please help.

Ans. Did the doctor mention that it could be a tension/stress headache? The most peculiar symptoms can appear with emotional distress. Emotions can create havoc with the mind and body and make it fall sick. Many times the emotional turmoil is unknown and unconscious and not clear to the conscious mind. But once unearthed and discovered it can relieve you of all physical symptoms that have no medical/physical basis. Sessions of counselling and psychotherapy can help you become aware of your emotions and the conflicts. The fear of the unknown arises from some deeply embedded memory in some form and can cause anxieties to spring up and disturb the body and mind. You must it a good try as you have tried medical investigations.

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