“Self study is the best form of study”- 12 february 2012


Q. I am a college student and my problem is that whenever I do something I don’t get success. People always make fun of me that I am a loser. I was a good student in my school scoring 80% in my SSC but when I joined college I started losing my concentration from studies and I failed very badly in my exams losing one year. Then somehow I started working hard and I started participating in many competitions in national level and many events but every where I tried my best but finally lose. This hurts me I think of giving up. Now recently I gave my final year exams in which also I was expecting above 75% but I scored only 68% despite of working very hard. Madam I don’t understand what is going wrong. I know I am struggling a lot but still after trying several times I could never win. And when people in my college make fun of me I feel very bad. What is my problem madam, I don’t have that much potential in me or am I not working hard enough to win? I really dream of coming first and winning all competitions. What should I do? Please help.

Ans. Yes, we need to analyse your problem and understand what is going wrong and where. But first, relax your mind and calm yourself down. Then list out your strengths and weaknesses and work on your weaknesses. Also analyse your methods of study and look for better methods. About failure at competitions, many times you need a guide to give you a feedback on your performance and your weak areas. So do not think that people who succeed and win get everything easy and they are the lucky ones and you are unlucky. The winners work very hard and practice a lot to get to the top. They also should have an extremely positive approach to life and living and a through belief in oneself. Please come for a few sessions of counselling for improvement in thinking and in personality. We can help you develop yourself and convert your mind into a winning one. I am glad that you want to achieve your potential and do something great in life. That is enough motivation to get going.

Q. I am in 12th Std and till 10th Std I was good in studies and now I am totally lost. I passed my 11th with grace marks. The faculty at my school is not worthy of teaching the 12th std. But still I am dragging. I need your help as I am unable to concentrate on studies. I always get nervous to open my book because not even a single topic in maths and science is clear. Please tell me what to do. I am blank.

Ans. This is sad that you are suffering because of bad quality of faculty at school. This can happen that the teachers are either not well qualified or are not experienced enough in good teaching methods. You have a choice of taking tuitions or if that is too expensive then you could ask some seniors to help you with your studies. Ex students of the school would also be willing to help. Or there could be some friends of your parents who may be willing to help and volunteer to teach you. If you have the passion you can get the help you need and want so badly. Just worrying about it will not help at all. Another way is to read and re-read your subjects not once but several times to comprehend it and also to retain it. In earlier times when the trend of tuitions was not there we used to read the difficult lessons many times to make sense of it and learn it. Self study is the best form of study. That is when you stimulate your grey cells in your brain and stretch your capacities. All the best.

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