“Signs of disturbances”- 16 June 2019


Q. I cannot sleep these days. I wake up suddenly and cannot sleep again. I tried all types of tricks I read on internet. I tried watching TV, reading a book or even meditating. In morning I don’t feel good and feel tired all day. My friends in office are noticing my eyes and my face and they ask me. Please guide me. Will counselling help? Please give appointment as soon as possible. I don’t want to try drugs of any sort.

Ans. Sleep is normally the first casualty in any emotional problems. Please introspect what is bothering you in your life- be it personal or professional or social circle too. Do you have physical /health issues lately or any chronic condition? It is good you don’t want to try pills for sleep. Counselling will certainly help you explore and identify hidden issues lying unattended in your mind. Identification of the problem is half the problem solved. When the mind is peaceful it sleeps well. When it is in turmoil it loses sleep. Please call the numbers given in the column for an appointment. You will be well soon -don’t worry too much.


Q. I want to do science and my marks are not good but. My parents now doubt my capacity and ask me to do commerce. I have no interest in it and love doing science only. How to convince my parents that I can do science. Not biology but physics. My maths is little less but physics is good. Should I come for aptitude test? Will it convince my parents? Please guide me properly.

Ans. Yes an aptitude test is a wonderful way of assessing your abilities and personality strengths as well as your interest areas to know the best career for you. It gives the levels of your abilities and allows you to take a wise decision for choosing the best career line for you. It may be possible you did not get enough/good marks due to your negligence and easy attitude. Well there is no substitute for hard work. If you want science and have the analytical reasoning to do it you can opt for science. But do get an aptitude test done. It will convince your parents for sure.

PP, Jabalpur.

Q. My six year old wets his bed even now. He is growing up and now we are worried. We thought he will be okay with age but he is embarrassed now too. He went to stay at his cousins place and there too he wet the bed and they made fun of him. After that he is feeling shy and negative to talk to boys of his age and stays at home. He also bites his nails and gets irritated soon. Please guide us. Who will be the right doctor or counsellor? Should we bring him to you?

Ans. If you find it difficult to come to Nagpur then it is possible to talk to him online. We offer tele-counselling services routinely for people who cannot travel, stay abroad or for any other reasons. Just call up for tele-counselling or check my website for details. It is a simple procedure actually. I will talk to the child too and understand the matter. He will need counselling to get over his emotional disturbances, his embarrassment and improve his habits. He needs to enforce physical training for his bed wetting and stop biting nails which is a symptom of emotional issues. I need more details to know the reasons for his two signs. Don’t worry though- he will be fine.

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