“Solve your emotional problems”- 17 November 2013


Q. I am a 3rd year engineering student facing emotional problem because of my continuously year down result. And feeling alone all the time from 5 class I was away from the home for study. I am not able to convey my feeling to anyone and also my best friend stop talking with me everyone move on how should I overcome. Please help  me – I am not able to concentrate on my study now.

Ans. I would be advisable to come for sessions of counselling as you show signs of emotional problems and they are not very clear to me with your description. I would need more information about the nature of your disturbances and the history of it. One reason could be the sense of failure that you are experiencing with your lowered performance in school and college examinations. Another could be your introverted nature and your inability to make friends and make them stay with you over a period. Being away from home is not a problem per say but you may not have enjoyed the experience and may have become disturbed due to it. We may have to deal with all your problems one by one and clean your mind of negativity. It may take a few sessions.


Q. I feel like I am very different than my friends. Usually when I am with them I don’t have much to speak about while my friends enjoy a lot. I feel bad that I lack that humour, wittiness. ‘Why am I so lame” this thought bothers me a lot. I keep on thinking why am I like this and not able to enjoy small moments of life. I never feel good about myself. I have a great self esteem and that bothers me a lot. I want to feel good about myself and want to feel that I am not a boring person. Please tell me a way to improve my personality, the way to talk amongst friends , amongst elders other than family members.

Ans. Yes, you can improve your personality and become a hale and hearty person. We need to shortlist the qualities that you would like to develop and then help you and train you in them. It is okay to be different from people and others but it is not okay to not to feel good about myself. We can help you to improve your personality and your self esteem and many more qualities through training and counselling.


Q. I am a young girl and love a man who is married and has two children. I came to know about this much later. He never told me this before. Now I don’t know what to do. He loves me too and says he will marry me. Should I trust him?


Ans. Your question itself has the answer. In your heart you have begun to doubt his integrity as he did not tell you the facts earlier. He hid them and informed you only after you became friends and fell in love with him. The best thing to do is to stay away till he divorces his wife and becomes free to marry you. Another way is to give him a time limit, say a year’s time, to settle his divorce and all and if he does not do that say goodbye to him forever. Promises have to have an expiry date.

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