“Realise your potential”- 10 November 2013


Q. I am a student of BCCA final year. I want to do job in banking field. But I don’t know what kind of exam I should give? Please suggest me.

Ans. There are banking exams for probationary officers and you need to appear for them. Look out for their advertisements in the newspapers. These are for public sector banks and government owned banks. For private banks you could just walk in with your resume and appear for the interview. There are good employment opportunities in this sector.


Q. I`m pursuing my B.Tech 2nd year from renowned institute. I belong to middleclass family, I was a bright student in academics I couldn`t qualify for IIT & for some reasons couldn`t get admission in NIT, that was setback for me. I am good at sports and at personal level in arts. From childhood itself I’m quite shy, but in order to get out of this and  to make come back with positive attitude, I am trying my best give best in all aspects like wherever I was lacking confidence. I am being very different in nature, quite straightforward but sensitive, I prefer to give genuine decisions & I expect same from others but I think that people may not want to be in my company as I don`t like silly stuff …that`s alright! I want to do something different and interesting always but I never find way for that. I am not having many friends in my locality with whom I can share my ideas and together do something interesting just like those groups which are active. I have been little in social atmosphere, so I am a loner.  My mother always co-operates me and so are my brother and father. But I feel that unlike other persons of my age I am unable to make my family proud. I am a daydreamer, I am not too good looking, I am not a all-rounder personality so I fear about my future even when I know I have the potential….I try to be positive, still I get into desperation!!! I have experienced that whatever I choose becomes less valued or just laughing stalk! I want to fulfil my dreams and also that of my families. I just feel like crying and just get depressed a lot which is affecting my academic performance! Please let me know any way to get out of this.


Ans. It seems there is a lot of unnecessary worrying that you are indulging in due to some reasons unknown. Stop bothering yourself about not qualifying for the IIT or the NIT and concentrate on your studies. Also instead of day dreaming it would be advisable to get into action by setting practical goals for yourself and working towards them. Too much of thinking and day dreaming could lead to inadequate and insufficient action and implementation and subsequent frustration. It is better to set small goals for yourself on a daily /weekly / monthly basis and work towards fulfilling them. It is good to strive for more and also to be interested in building your personality skills. Learning and self improvement is a life-long continuous process and one must keep at it but worrying about it will only make you feel miserable. Treat yourself with kindness and love and be patient. You will go a long way and will be successful as you agree that you have the potential.

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