Stressed-Out Student -12 September 2021


Q. I’m in tenth grade right now and my family transferred back from the USA five years ago. I’m an enthusiastic reader and I love to write short stories as well. I presume in my 11th and 12th I aspire to do a bachelor and master in Arts, and then intern and work at a publishing house, probably. Nevertheless, I would like to explore additional opportunities as well for a profession in writing, or dealing with some kind of literature. Help, please.

Thanking you in advance,

Ans. If you love language and want a career in creative writing there is lots of scope in this field. You could do graduation in arts and humanities with English literature and you can pursue it further with masters in English literature. There are no well known diploma course or degree course in creative writing in India. You may have to go abroad for such courses. Love for language flows into many career paths, such as journalism and mass media, creative writing, teaching English literature, learning a foreign language and doing translations, etc. Language is also used in electronics media and also used in advertising and copywriting. It is also used in content writing and as written communication in corporate. There are many uses of language and you must know exactly what do you want to do. To begin with think of a good college for graduation in humanities.


Q. Mam, I am a person who was and is struggling with my depression and bad luck since my 10th. At that time situation was good but now for last 2-3 years it has worsened. I am B.Sc graduate with first class marks in 2018 since then I decided to go for banking exams preparations but after 6-7 months I was forced to do a night shift job in BPO (I hate it) because my father become bankrupt in business and mother is a HF. We don’t have our own house and we are living as tenant. My father is a highly debt-ridden person and because of his such habit I had and am working since 3 years to feed my family but I have my dream to study for my bank exams which I am unable to do so since 3 years. My salary is very less and 95% of it goes for household purpose. As I said about father debts, he has taken debts from 2-3 local people who comes to home every alternate day to threaten us and because of that I have become suicidal. I always thinks about committing suicide as I am unable to pursue my dream although I am supporting my family and struggling. Mental pressure is very high that because of these bad vibes as well as increasing age. Mam I have always been a respected guy in my academics but now almost all my friends have left me and nobody wants to listen to my feeling. Every day is putting burden on me to commit suicide with my mind says why to live such life rather I can rest in peace, but I don’t want to do so. Please mam help me a suggestion to what to do and save me from letting go I really want to live.

Ans. You seem to be a brave person who loves his family and cares for them. You have stood by your parents in bad times and are doing so like a good son. First, you need to calm down your mind and make it peaceful. Two, be positive that you have a job to feed the family. Three, there are a few things you need to evaluate- one, is how long will it take for your father to start doing well in business after paying off debts. Two, whether he has some bad habits or it is bad planning or some luck factor. Three, can you find some time to study for your exams after doing your job. Set a time deadline and discuss with your parents patiently, about your assessment and your plans. You can tell them your sense of frustrations and your future dreams and let them support you too for a few more years. If your father can manage to support you for a year you could study and get into a good job. If he has bad habits, you may threaten him to leave him and take care of mother alone. Speak out your concerns with your parents and plan something to solve the problem. Don’t complain, don’t think negative and maintain a peaceful mind with hope. By doing this you will free your mind of negative energy and use it for studying and planning. Stop brooding.


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